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That is so 1990’s! My world of wallpaper!


So the hubby and I were coming back home from a FABULOUS dinner at Swanky’s (check out their website—yum yum!) and we pull up next to this older model van with a middle-aged woman in the front seat and a magnetic sign on the side of the van that reads” Wallpaper by Linda” with her telephone number strategically underneath. Adam immediately looks at me with a “wowwww!” and asks if “people still wallpaper their houses?” With a little giggle I start remembering to the early 90’s- actually 1995 to be exact. That was the year my parents moved from Nashville to Franklin, down I-65 and built a house that they currently live in today. That was also the year I can honestly say I spent probably near 100 hours looking at wallpaper for our new house. And when I say nearly 100 hours I’m not lying, even though I wish I was!

My mother was determined that over half of the rooms in our house had to have wallpaper, including the kitchen, living room, and all three bathrooms (luckily our bedrooms were spared)! So we were at your local Home Depot talking to every worker imaginable about colors, patterns, textures, etc. etc. Yes I said textures—believe it or not this applies to wallpaper. Don’t worry I know what your are thinking! At the time I was probably around 11 and my sister was four so needless to say we were not the most enthused or entertained group of girls from our weekly visits to the store. Finally once my mother decided on what she liked, or more importantly what she didn’t like the wallpaper went up (don’t worry we had a professional come do that part) and TA-DA my bathroom was a rainbow of colors. Not only that we have a sun bordered kitchen and living room! I know I know-you are all jealous (imagine sarcasm here)!

no-this wasn't a room in our house--thank God! 🙂

Nowadays while I am out of the house and my sister is in college my parents are wanting to remove the wallpaper which sounds like a great idea to me! Even through the blood, sweat and tears of 15 years ago, I can honestly say that I have moved past that phase of my life and I’m a better person for it, because wallpaper is so 1990’s!

X’s and O’s and mom I LOVE you!



“Adam, I think I’m gonna be a vegetarian!”


These words came out of my mouth last week after watching the movie Food Inc. with my husband, and let me just say the thought of becoming a vegetarian only lasted for three minutes! Yes the movie was very upsetting and the state of our food industry is definitely at a low but how in the world would someone like me be a vegetarian. I am a CARB queen but every now and then I need some chicken (it’s like a staple in our house), fish (lovin’ some raw oysters and shrimp), and even a little red meat. Especially the cheeseburgers at Brown’s Diner—can’t be missing out on that!

But back to the documentary Food Inc…..I will never look at a baby chicken the same way! Or for that matter a cow— the poor Bessie Mae’s of the world! The inhumane ways that these animals are treated, as well as the working conditions that so many factory workers face will make you repulsed to the processed food industry for many moons to come. Let alone the chemicals, additives, and handling of so many foods like potatoes, grains, soybeans, corn, etc. Those practices seriously made me question the cereal I had just eaten for dinner.

I'm lovin' there vanilla cones......and that's about it

The power of Food Inc. is profound and I can see how after watching it many people would question there food intake and possibly even alter their lifestyle a little bit. Shoot-after watching Super Size Me years ago I haven’t eaten anything at McD’s since! Unless you count the occasional vanilla cone, but no seriously aside from one or two of those I have completely stayed away from the golden arches. Unfortunately though giving up meat completely is not on my radar, and I’m not sure it will ever be, but I will start thinking about processed food in a whole new way!

Would love to hear from you!

X’s and O’s

Why My Bracket is Busted….. :(


First of all thank you Georgetown and Kansas for completely messing up my Midwest region bracket. I mean seriously—I had you both playing each other in the Elite 8 and Kansas you were supposed to go to the Finals. I guess not now! Who gets knocked off by Northern Iowa —and what the heck is a UNI? Another big shout out to Villanova—I mean puh-leaze— where in the heck is St. Mary’s and why have I never heard of them? And my last big THANK YOU goes to Vandy!!!

The Cinderellas!!!

While I didn’t have you in the Championship game, Final 4, or Elite 8—I did have you going to the Sweet 16. Maybe that was a little optimistic on my part but at least make it past the first round. This by far was my biggest disappointment! When does football season start again?!?! Next year I vow to pick at least two teams in each region to be an Upset Special—because apparently the MADNESS in March turns out to be HAPPINESS for the underdogs! Well at least I have Duke……for now! Ta-Ta peeps! J

Only in Tennessee…


Granted this is a very sad story because two people died, but is this a joke? A guy dressed up as a Leprechaun robs a bank and now they think it’s the same guy who robbed a different bank in December dressed up as Santa….Really?? Really!! I mean yes criminals are usually not very smart individuals and again two lives were lost but you are dressed up as a Leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day, robbing a bank and potentially putting officers and the general public at risk.

One thing I don’t understand is why kill yourself? The worst that could have happened is you were taken to jail and maybe have to spend a year or two (five years max) behind bars. If nothing else you may even make the final cut on “ America ’s Funniest Criminals” on Fox. Your fifteen minutes of fame could have happened but I guess your luck ran out!





Good ol’ Merriam Webster defines philanthropy as 1: goodwill to fellow men; especially an active effort to promote human welfare 2a : a philanthropic act or gift b: an organization distributing or supported by philanthropic funds

With this is mind, I’d like to tell you about a few groups and organizations that mean a lot to me… 🙂

Happy Tales Humane Association– a no-kill animal shelter for dogs and cats that works very closely with their volunteers. Sheila Boomershine, who is over the Happy Tales volunteers, among other things, is AWESOME! Check out their website if you are interested in volunteering, adopting, or want to learn more about this great non-profit!

End Slavery TN– A local group whose purpose is to stop human trafficking and slavery both at home and abroad, End Slavery TN is part of the International organization, ITeams. This great group of people shows how grass root effortscan work at their finest! Love love love this organization and their mission!

Nashville Cares– a community based organization AIDS service organization, set out to provide education, advocacy and support services to anyone affected by HIV and AIDS who need comfort. I actually found out about this organization through a friend, and now we volunteer our time making CARE PACKAGES once a month. Very organized and efficient group who makes a big difference in the lives of many!

Latino Achievers– An outreach program of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, Latino Achievers emphasizes cultural diversity while focusing on strength the academic performance and career prospects of Hispanics of all ages. While I am not a Latino, my husband is and our future children will be, so this program holds a special place in my heart. Jessie Van de Griek is the Director of this program and does an excellent drop reaching out to the youth of Middle Tennessee. Become their fans on Facebook!

Hands on Nashville– This great group of folks, unites people in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to various non-profit and volunteer groups. It provides all the resources any volunteer would need and brings people together that may never cross paths. Wanna stay involved? This is the site you should be on!

These are just a few of my favorite groups and organizations! Volunteering enriches my life so much and I know that while the children at Latino Achievers may not remember my name, or the cats at Happy Tales could care less who feeds them as long as they are getting fed, and the Nashville Cares clients will probably never see my face, I am able to act as a sounding board for these groups and tell others about them, as well as volunteer my time, contribute funds, etc. Anyone out there volunteer at any cool places?

Would love to hear from you as always!



The BEST Movie EVER!!! “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”


Don't you just love them??

Yes my friends—Dirty Dancing!!!! By far the best movie EVER. I could watch this movie over and over again everyday and not get bored, As a matter of fact I could probably recite most of it! Johnny Castle and Baby are two of the best characters. And this movie has everything you could want-it’s part musical with the dance scenes, part action like when Johnny beats up Robbie (big jerk!), part love story, part suspense when Johnny drives away and we don’t know if he is coming back. I mean what else could you ask for in a movie?

Growing up I was in dance by age 3. Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Pointe—you name it I was in it, so of course I constantly made my dad reenact the scene at the end when Johnny lifts baby in the air. Much to his dismay I didn’t miss a night of attempting the lift and I must say we got pretty good at it, or at least I thought so.  Many of probably disagree with me that this is the best movie EVER but guess what? “Nobody puts Baby (or me) in the corner”



To Lent or Not to Lent? That is the Question…


Now granted I know it’s only 40 days but note to self I will not give up fried food for Lent again. While I don’t eat a lot of fried food it has really effected what I eat when I go out. For instance, I am a BIG sushi fan and a lot of sushi in the South has fried shrimp or crab in it. Well that’s automatically out—bummer. Another instance is one of my favorite dishes at Calypso Café—the black bean nachos. Yup that’s out too because those chips are fried, and same goes for Mexican food. Almost EVERYTHING on the menu is fried, like refried beans, chips, taquitos, etc, etc, etc. Maybe next year I will give up carbonated beverages. I don’t really drink those much anyways so that might be easier. Just kidding!

And before you say it I know the purpose of Lent is to make sacrifices, but honestly this has gotten a little out of hand. I went to a meat and three for lunch today and believe it or not the meats were fried chicken, fried catfish, and pulled pork-not much to choose from huh? Yea I didn’t think so either!  Of course as I write this I’m sitting next to my husband who hasn’t eaten anything fried in almost two years—not one thing! I guess if he can do I should be able to as well. But can there be an exception for my black bean nachos please!?!?

Would love to hear if you are observing Lent or know anyone else who is!



Paula Deen--The Fried Food Queen