Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born to Run


“I had run for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours.”- Forrest Gump

No this post is not about Bruce Springsteen (or as I like to call him Brucey Bear) or Forrest Gump (even though that movie is AWESOME), it’s about RUNNING! Some of you may absolutely hate it and others might be more like me and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s a great way for me to set a goal and work to achieve it. Whether it be 3-miles, 6-miles, 12 miles, or whatever I love the feeling after a good run when I have finished strong and accomplished what I set out to do. I am currently training for my second ½ marathon after completing the first one October 2009. It’s cool to think this time last year I wasn’t really running at all. Every now and then I’d run a mile or two but it wasn’t something on my radar that I would focus my energy to and it definitely wasn’t something I thought I would get better at, but low and behold I did. Now, when I run a three or four mile “fun run” I make sure that I keep a pace of 9-10 minute miles, and I am constantly changing out songs on my IPod (or really having my hubby do that for me), so that I keep my energy up and keep the jams playing. And what’s better than taking on a training program for runners? Talking to other runners about their techniques, routes, past competitions, etc. It’s like a new set of friends who understand about shin-splints, hydrating, gel beans, and other such runner talk. There is a whole community out there that I hadn’t stumbled across who can offer advice about shoes types, post race meals, different training groups, etc. If you are a runner, what’s your number one piece of advice you give others who are trying to get into running? Normally I hear the stay hydrated, don’t wear cotton clothing, spend a decent amount of $ on shoes, and make sure you eat complex carbs to keep your energy up.

Love to hear from ya!




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  1. Great job! My advice for other runners is NEVER look back, always look forward and pick out something you are running towards like a person or a mail box and make that your goal to motivate you to keep running! Keep doing that and the miles will fly by!

  2. Jenny! just found your blog – i love!!

    you gotta love the running community – it’s the only group that you can talk about pooping with someone you just met! LOL

    can’t wait for april! you and angela are going to kick some major rear!

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