The BEST Movie EVER!!! “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”


Don't you just love them??

Yes my friends—Dirty Dancing!!!! By far the best movie EVER. I could watch this movie over and over again everyday and not get bored, As a matter of fact I could probably recite most of it! Johnny Castle and Baby are two of the best characters. And this movie has everything you could want-it’s part musical with the dance scenes, part action like when Johnny beats up Robbie (big jerk!), part love story, part suspense when Johnny drives away and we don’t know if he is coming back. I mean what else could you ask for in a movie?

Growing up I was in dance by age 3. Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Pointe—you name it I was in it, so of course I constantly made my dad reenact the scene at the end when Johnny lifts baby in the air. Much to his dismay I didn’t miss a night of attempting the lift and I must say we got pretty good at it, or at least I thought so.  Many of probably disagree with me that this is the best movie EVER but guess what? “Nobody puts Baby (or me) in the corner”




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