To Lent or Not to Lent? That is the Question…


Now granted I know it’s only 40 days but note to self I will not give up fried food for Lent again. While I don’t eat a lot of fried food it has really effected what I eat when I go out. For instance, I am a BIG sushi fan and a lot of sushi in the South has fried shrimp or crab in it. Well that’s automatically out—bummer. Another instance is one of my favorite dishes at Calypso Café—the black bean nachos. Yup that’s out too because those chips are fried, and same goes for Mexican food. Almost EVERYTHING on the menu is fried, like refried beans, chips, taquitos, etc, etc, etc. Maybe next year I will give up carbonated beverages. I don’t really drink those much anyways so that might be easier. Just kidding!

And before you say it I know the purpose of Lent is to make sacrifices, but honestly this has gotten a little out of hand. I went to a meat and three for lunch today and believe it or not the meats were fried chicken, fried catfish, and pulled pork-not much to choose from huh? Yea I didn’t think so either!  Of course as I write this I’m sitting next to my husband who hasn’t eaten anything fried in almost two years—not one thing! I guess if he can do I should be able to as well. But can there be an exception for my black bean nachos please!?!?

Would love to hear if you are observing Lent or know anyone else who is!



Paula Deen--The Fried Food Queen


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