“Adam, I think I’m gonna be a vegetarian!”


These words came out of my mouth last week after watching the movie Food Inc. with my husband, and let me just say the thought of becoming a vegetarian only lasted for three minutes! Yes the movie was very upsetting and the state of our food industry is definitely at a low but how in the world would someone like me be a vegetarian. I am a CARB queen but every now and then I need some chicken (it’s like a staple in our house), fish (lovin’ some raw oysters and shrimp), and even a little red meat. Especially the cheeseburgers at Brown’s Diner—can’t be missing out on that!

But back to the documentary Food Inc…..I will never look at a baby chicken the same way! Or for that matter a cow— the poor Bessie Mae’s of the world! The inhumane ways that these animals are treated, as well as the working conditions that so many factory workers face will make you repulsed to the processed food industry for many moons to come. Let alone the chemicals, additives, and handling of so many foods like potatoes, grains, soybeans, corn, etc. Those practices seriously made me question the cereal I had just eaten for dinner.

I'm lovin' there vanilla cones......and that's about it

The power of Food Inc. is profound and I can see how after watching it many people would question there food intake and possibly even alter their lifestyle a little bit. Shoot-after watching Super Size Me years ago I haven’t eaten anything at McD’s since! Unless you count the occasional vanilla cone, but no seriously aside from one or two of those I have completely stayed away from the golden arches. Unfortunately though giving up meat completely is not on my radar, and I’m not sure it will ever be, but I will start thinking about processed food in a whole new way!

Would love to hear from you!

X’s and O’s

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