Why My Bracket is Busted….. :(


First of all thank you Georgetown and Kansas for completely messing up my Midwest region bracket. I mean seriously—I had you both playing each other in the Elite 8 and Kansas you were supposed to go to the Finals. I guess not now! Who gets knocked off by Northern Iowa —and what the heck is a UNI? Another big shout out to Villanova—I mean puh-leaze— where in the heck is St. Mary’s and why have I never heard of them? And my last big THANK YOU goes to Vandy!!!

The Cinderellas!!!

While I didn’t have you in the Championship game, Final 4, or Elite 8—I did have you going to the Sweet 16. Maybe that was a little optimistic on my part but at least make it past the first round. This by far was my biggest disappointment! When does football season start again?!?! Next year I vow to pick at least two teams in each region to be an Upset Special—because apparently the MADNESS in March turns out to be HAPPINESS for the underdogs! Well at least I have Duke……for now! Ta-Ta peeps! J


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