That is so 1990’s! My world of wallpaper!


So the hubby and I were coming back home from a FABULOUS dinner at Swanky’s (check out their website—yum yum!) and we pull up next to this older model van with a middle-aged woman in the front seat and a magnetic sign on the side of the van that reads” Wallpaper by Linda” with her telephone number strategically underneath. Adam immediately looks at me with a “wowwww!” and asks if “people still wallpaper their houses?” With a little giggle I start remembering to the early 90’s- actually 1995 to be exact. That was the year my parents moved from Nashville to Franklin, down I-65 and built a house that they currently live in today. That was also the year I can honestly say I spent probably near 100 hours looking at wallpaper for our new house. And when I say nearly 100 hours I’m not lying, even though I wish I was!

My mother was determined that over half of the rooms in our house had to have wallpaper, including the kitchen, living room, and all three bathrooms (luckily our bedrooms were spared)! So we were at your local Home Depot talking to every worker imaginable about colors, patterns, textures, etc. etc. Yes I said textures—believe it or not this applies to wallpaper. Don’t worry I know what your are thinking! At the time I was probably around 11 and my sister was four so needless to say we were not the most enthused or entertained group of girls from our weekly visits to the store. Finally once my mother decided on what she liked, or more importantly what she didn’t like the wallpaper went up (don’t worry we had a professional come do that part) and TA-DA my bathroom was a rainbow of colors. Not only that we have a sun bordered kitchen and living room! I know I know-you are all jealous (imagine sarcasm here)!

no-this wasn't a room in our house--thank God! 🙂

Nowadays while I am out of the house and my sister is in college my parents are wanting to remove the wallpaper which sounds like a great idea to me! Even through the blood, sweat and tears of 15 years ago, I can honestly say that I have moved past that phase of my life and I’m a better person for it, because wallpaper is so 1990’s!

X’s and O’s and mom I LOVE you!



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  1. Haha I am more glad than ever that I was too young to remember the horrors of wallpaper shopping. I completely agree though wallpaper needs to come down!… not just our house but all houses! Its completely pointless to put wallpaper up then 5 years later the seems are peeling and the color has faded… just put some paint up there!!!

    P.S. dont pull the favorite card… dad would never hurt your feelings haha jk ❤

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