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Why is KFC Trying to Kill Us?


So I don’t know if you folks watch television commercials, but let’s talk about the newest KFC creation that gives me a coronary attack even thinking about it. The DOUBLE DOWN! The 35 fat gram, 540-calorie, 1380 mg of sodium creation that basically has everything in it but a bun. I mean really KFC? Are your fried chicken buckets, biscuits, fake macaroni and cheese just not enough to contribute to the obesity problem the US has? I mean did you really have to come out with the Double Down?

What the most interesting tidbit to me is a recent article I read that stated the big US and Canadian health care giants own over $2 billion in stocks of the fast food giants-KFC, Mc D’s, and my favorite Taco Hell (sarcasm). So really when is it enough? I am no saint by any means. I eat my fair share of processed food, but I know that fast food is bad for me, so I chose to find the alternatives. I wish more people made this same effort too. Maybe sales of the fast food giants would go down and the health insurance companies would take their George Washington’s to other places that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Yup-this is it!

All I want to know is what did I do to KFC that makes them want to kill me?

Love to hear from ya! X’s and O’s!



OUCH…That Hurts!


So yesterday was the BIG Country Music ½ Marathon (CMM for short) and it was a blast! Definitely went by way quicker than the Murfreesboro Half I did in October. There were 36,000 people running and it really makes a difference compared to the 2,000 that ran in October. There were also tons of people cheering us on and BANDS everywhere you turned (or ran-he he). Also I must make note that I had the best orange I’ve ever had in my life on mile 8 off Belmont Boulevard. I don’t know if it was because I really needed a pick-me-up at that point of because the water breaks just weren’t cutting it but no joke they were DELICIOUS! Now on to the not so “fun” side of running a marathon.

Once I passed mile 7 or 8 I noticed my left foot was starting to hurt, but at that point I was just happy to not have shin splints (which I have been struggling with the last few weeks), so I pressed on and blocked any pain out of my mind. Well things were going a-ok for a while and I was feeling pretty good, even though the pain hadn’t gone away and I was fairly certain my baby toenail had fallen off (yea’ I know kinda gross). So on the last mile I could taste the finish line, and of course I chugged along and made it safe and sound. My friend Angela and I met my family at the Family Reunion Tent and got to walkin’ to the car, which wasn’t too far away. As we are walking my hubby, Adam, asks me if I knew that my foot was bleeding. “Heck no!” I didn’t know my foot was bleeding, but once I looked down I could tell the blood was coming out slowly but surely. This ladies and gentleman was my first blood blister since I started running and it was uber-GROSS! So my question is why do we do this to ourselves? What is it that makes me want to continue to run and already look forward to next year’s CMM?

Don't worry--this isn't me!

Yes it’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line or improve you pace, but the aches and pains to follow yesterday and today are just no fun at all. On the drive to our car I was sitting in the back seat, with my legs up and noticed that my calf muscle was moving. Imagine a scene out of Aliens or an 8-month pregnant woman with a kicking baby. You could see my muscles twitching and moving around like crazy, with the painful cramping to go along with it. This is NOT what normal people do!  Normal people don’t push it so hard and train for 16 weeks so that they can ice their legs and push through blisters on their foot!!! Normal people don’t experience chaffing and raw sores because there clothing has cut into their skin!!!

Or do they?

I have tons of friends who also run and they seem pretty normal to me, or at least most of them. So for those of you who run or know someone who does let me hear about the reason you love to put your body through these aches and pains so we can commiserate together while I pop two Aleve and wrap my legs in an ace bandage.



Cool Restaurant Alert!


Ok so it’s not exactly a restaurant but it’s a TON of fun and I like to make frequent outings to this beautiful place–enjoying the scenery and the wine!

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Arrington Vineyards. Check out their website or better yet stop by the vineyard and have a drink! Open 7 days a week with free music from 5-9pm Fri-Sun…. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place 🙂

Skinny Jeans: The Good, the Bad and the UGLY


I’m sure you can only imagine where this post is going but fear not I will look a the phenomenon that is skinny jeans from all angles (no matter how disturbing that can be on certain body types)! So let’s start with the GOOD: Ladies, “if the butt fits you must equip” and by this I mean that skinny jeans are not too different from most jeans for many females—if my tush looks good in them then I’m gonna buy a pair (maybe even two). Another very GOOD thing about skinny jeans are the fact that they are everywhere, in every price range and in every color. In the past I have been known to spend over $100 on one pair of jeans (yes I do have a pair over $160 but don’t tell anyone), but with skinny jeans I can find a super cute pair for $35-60, sometimes less than that.

Now it’s time to move onto the BAD and there is a lot of BAD. Let’s start with the most unattractive thing on a guy—yup you guessed it: SKINNY JEANS! Since when did it become cool for guys to wear their jeans tighter than girls? I can’t handle it!! Now don’t get me wrong-fitted jeans on guys are completely different. I’m talking about the skinny jeans where it looks like the guy can’t breathe anymore, and they are so skinny you can see the outline of calf muscles (or lack thereof). That look is just not cute! Another BAD when it comes to skinny jeans are those that are frankly buying skinny jeans that just don’t fit. Note to anyone this applies to: skinny jeans don’t make you skinny. You can’t fit 315 lbs in a size 6 pair of skinny jeans. It’s just not gonna work so don’t try this at home or out in public.

That brings us to the UGLY, which frankly I think will be best explained in pictures. Enjoy! XOXO-J

notice calf muscle outline

muffin top'nuff said!

True Life: I’m in an Interracial Relationship


(Disclaimer: Before you read any further please know that all that has been written below is solely my opinion and is not meant to offend. However if it does offend you then you should probably not be reading my blog. Usually when I tell people about this experience I get a big laugh so get your giggles ready. XOXO)

So many of you have probably heard this story, but to some of you this may be a new one to add to the list. As a MTV-generation child (born in 1980-something), during my teen years I was right on the cusp of shows such as “The Real World”, “Road Rules”, and one of my personal favorites-MTV’s “True Life” series. Well one day- and this wasn’t too long ago mind you- I was watching “True Life: I’m in an Interracial Relationship!” and low and behold there is a Hispanic (guy) and Caucasian (girl) couple. And I instantly thought “Hey –Adam and I are in an interracial relationship!”

I kid you not this really popped in my head and I really said it out loud. The truth is that I had never thought about us being an “interracial couple” to be honest, but from that moment on MTV changed my life. Ok maybe MTV didn’t change my life but obviously it got me to start thinking about things that I had not thought about before in regards to race. Granted Adam is only like 50% Mexican and I am a little bit of everything-Caucasian I can think of, but how cool is it to think what our kids will look like (one day-and not anytime soon). For instance, we both have huge heads so I’m pretty sure the child’s kielbasa is going to be huge and we both have thick, dark brown (yes this blonde isn’t real) hair so that’s an obvious too, but I’m hoping this future offspring with have Adam’s skin tone because Lord knows the Casper look I have going can be a pain in the butt and susceptible to sunburns.

But in all seriousness, are there really people out there who are offended by “interracial relationships” anymore? I think years ago it was a very passé thing to marry or have “relations” with someone outside of your own race, but we live in the 21st people so get OVER IT! At what point are you “colorblind” to this thinking and can genuinely say that it doesn’t matter what race, religion, ethnicity, etc a person is or isn’t? I hope people all across the world have moved on from this ignorance and understanding of what they think is right and wrong-if not then I probably don’t want to know you. I hope for Adam and I’s future offspring (again one day but not anytime soon)-he or she is never looked at as being any different than anyone else and if he or she is then that’s someone else’s loss!

X’s and O’s—love to hear your opinions!


Why Didn’t I Think of That?!?!


Nope this post isn’t about the old country song by Doug Stone (anybody remember him?)! It’s about As Seen on TV products. As I walk through theWalgreens, CVS’s and Walmart’s of the world it seems that more and more people are coming up with some of the most ridiculous things that one could want. Yet we buy these items for $20, $40, $80+. And let me just say really quick that I am VERY guilty of this. Shoot-even growing up I had to have the Food Dehydrator that the guy with the bad fake tan sold on TV for two easy payments of $19.99 (including a free recipe book of all dehydrated food—YUCK), and yes I had an Ab Roller too and look how that turned out. I am also the proud owner of a Sham-wow which I have yet to use and for whatever reason I have two lime green window and dashboard cleaners (thanks mom and dad) that are suppose to make it super easy to clean your car. Anyone that truly knows me will tell you that Adam takes care of that and/or I hit up the drive thru carwash on occasion.

Now this being said there are some products out there that I wished I had thought of because I would be making millions I tell ya-millions! For instance (and probably the most popular right now)- The SNUGGIE. Why didn’t I think of that? A giant oversized fleece-type material that goes over your whole body and they make it for 12 lb 6 oz shih-tzu’s too! Granted they may not be the most attractive things in the world, but imagine how cheap it is to make one of those things and then they turn around and sell it for $30—GEEZ! Another one that I could have definitely made some money on is the Shoe Closet Hanger. It’s literally a giant piece of plastic shaped like an oversized hanger with pockets along the front and back to put your shoes in. Now this bad boy can go for as much at $40-$50 (depending on your preference of white plastic or faux wood). Do you know how many women I know that use this product? Enough to make me wonder why didn’t I think of that!

These are just two of the numerous As Seen on TV products that I shoulda, woulda, coulda come up with but didn’t! Now onto my Top 10 List of some of the MOST RIDICULOUS As Seen on TV products that people actually buy:

10. The Potty Patch for Your Pooch

Is it just me or do the 'Today Show' folks look like a bunch of monks?

9. Snap Capps for Water Bottles

8. Touch N Brush Toothpaste Dispenser

7. Smooth Away Hair Remover Hand-Held Patch

6. The Emery Board Catch Scratcher

5. Yudu Screen Printing Machine

4. Health Master Emulsifier Blender

3. Easy Rest Portable Bench

2. The Perfect Brownie Pan

And #1 ladies and gentleman (drumroll please) is

The ENGRAVEIT Engraving Chisel Pen

Yes—yes it really does exist! Would love to hear from you! XOXO