and did I mention their heads spin around!!!

So some of you may have heard a few mentions about the owl in our back yard. For those of you that haven’t here is the backstory in a nutshell (do owls like nuts? JK) So it’s Jan 2009 and Adam and I hear the “Hoo Hoo” of an owl. Both of us are thinking that it’s rather strange that an owl would be in our back yard considering we are in the suburbs and we literally have one giant tree that we share with our neighbors. I’m thinking owls normally like wooded areas that are full of peace and quiet. This coming from a girl who grew up on Discovery Channel! So the next morning I am out taking Rocco for his morning potty break and not only is there one owl—there are two and they are HUGE-and by HUGE I mean GINORMOUS! Of course I am a little shocked but I can’t quit staring and the owls can’t quit staring at Rocco. Mind you this is a 12lb 6oz shih-tzu, so I’m pretty sure they are thinking that’s the biggest pork chop I have ever seen! Anyways fast forward a couple months and I notice one evening after work that there are missing cat signs all over our neighborhood. Not thinking too much of this I proceed to go about my business. The next day I stop by the local CVS close to our house and the cashier, who happens to also live in our neighborhood, asks me if I have heard the owls lately and mentioned that apparently he had seen one of the owls fly down and grab a cat a couple of weeks prior and then he let him go. Now I’m not going around pointing fingers or anything but I’m pretty sure the MISSING CAT signs had something to do with this…

Again fast forward to the more recent time of January 2010—the two owls have sense left so no missing cats or crazy sightings until one night and low and behold I hear the “Hoo de Hoo” of an owl. The next morning it’s the same drill and this time the owl is out and about on the tree. Now granted this owl is not as large as the owls last year but equally as scary! So now we are in the month of April and I have seen and heard the owl numerous times. Well guess what is posted this week all over the neighborhood?!?!? “Missing SHIH TZU”….Wowsers!

I’m thinking the purchase of a BB gun might be in order!




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