True Life: I’m in an Interracial Relationship


(Disclaimer: Before you read any further please know that all that has been written below is solely my opinion and is not meant to offend. However if it does offend you then you should probably not be reading my blog. Usually when I tell people about this experience I get a big laugh so get your giggles ready. XOXO)

So many of you have probably heard this story, but to some of you this may be a new one to add to the list. As a MTV-generation child (born in 1980-something), during my teen years I was right on the cusp of shows such as “The Real World”, “Road Rules”, and one of my personal favorites-MTV’s “True Life” series. Well one day- and this wasn’t too long ago mind you- I was watching “True Life: I’m in an Interracial Relationship!” and low and behold there is a Hispanic (guy) and Caucasian (girl) couple. And I instantly thought “Hey –Adam and I are in an interracial relationship!”

I kid you not this really popped in my head and I really said it out loud. The truth is that I had never thought about us being an “interracial couple” to be honest, but from that moment on MTV changed my life. Ok maybe MTV didn’t change my life but obviously it got me to start thinking about things that I had not thought about before in regards to race. Granted Adam is only like 50% Mexican and I am a little bit of everything-Caucasian I can think of, but how cool is it to think what our kids will look like (one day-and not anytime soon). For instance, we both have huge heads so I’m pretty sure the child’s kielbasa is going to be huge and we both have thick, dark brown (yes this blonde isn’t real) hair so that’s an obvious too, but I’m hoping this future offspring with have Adam’s skin tone because Lord knows the Casper look I have going can be a pain in the butt and susceptible to sunburns.

But in all seriousness, are there really people out there who are offended by “interracial relationships” anymore? I think years ago it was a very passé thing to marry or have “relations” with someone outside of your own race, but we live in the 21st people so get OVER IT! At what point are you “colorblind” to this thinking and can genuinely say that it doesn’t matter what race, religion, ethnicity, etc a person is or isn’t? I hope people all across the world have moved on from this ignorance and understanding of what they think is right and wrong-if not then I probably don’t want to know you. I hope for Adam and I’s future offspring (again one day but not anytime soon)-he or she is never looked at as being any different than anyone else and if he or she is then that’s someone else’s loss!

X’s and O’s—love to hear your opinions!



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  1. Great stuff. It’s not about race but rather the emotion. Check us out on the “Weddington Adventures” where we showcase our interracial adventures in the windy city of Chicago. Feel free to share. Be easy:)

  2. You make me laugh. I know we have spoken about this before bc I never think of it as inter racial either. Given the married name Griffin Gonzalez usually the expectation is a hispanic male. Then walks in a now pregnant, blonde female…it makes for a good time!

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