Why Didn’t I Think of That?!?!


Nope this post isn’t about the old country song by Doug Stone (anybody remember him?)! It’s about As Seen on TV products. As I walk through theWalgreens, CVS’s and Walmart’s of the world it seems that more and more people are coming up with some of the most ridiculous things that one could want. Yet we buy these items for $20, $40, $80+. And let me just say really quick that I am VERY guilty of this. Shoot-even growing up I had to have the Food Dehydrator that the guy with the bad fake tan sold on TV for two easy payments of $19.99 (including a free recipe book of all dehydrated food—YUCK), and yes I had an Ab Roller too and look how that turned out. I am also the proud owner of a Sham-wow which I have yet to use and for whatever reason I have two lime green window and dashboard cleaners (thanks mom and dad) that are suppose to make it super easy to clean your car. Anyone that truly knows me will tell you that Adam takes care of that and/or I hit up the drive thru carwash on occasion.

Now this being said there are some products out there that I wished I had thought of because I would be making millions I tell ya-millions! For instance (and probably the most popular right now)- The SNUGGIE. Why didn’t I think of that? A giant oversized fleece-type material that goes over your whole body and they make it for 12 lb 6 oz shih-tzu’s too! Granted they may not be the most attractive things in the world, but imagine how cheap it is to make one of those things and then they turn around and sell it for $30—GEEZ! Another one that I could have definitely made some money on is the Shoe Closet Hanger. It’s literally a giant piece of plastic shaped like an oversized hanger with pockets along the front and back to put your shoes in. Now this bad boy can go for as much at $40-$50 (depending on your preference of white plastic or faux wood). Do you know how many women I know that use this product? Enough to make me wonder why didn’t I think of that!

These are just two of the numerous As Seen on TV products that I shoulda, woulda, coulda come up with but didn’t! Now onto my Top 10 List of some of the MOST RIDICULOUS As Seen on TV products that people actually buy:

10. The Potty Patch for Your Pooch

Is it just me or do the 'Today Show' folks look like a bunch of monks?

9. Snap Capps for Water Bottles

8. Touch N Brush Toothpaste Dispenser

7. Smooth Away Hair Remover Hand-Held Patch

6. The Emery Board Catch Scratcher

5. Yudu Screen Printing Machine

4. Health Master Emulsifier Blender

3. Easy Rest Portable Bench

2. The Perfect Brownie Pan

And #1 ladies and gentleman (drumroll please) is

The ENGRAVEIT Engraving Chisel Pen

Yes—yes it really does exist! Would love to hear from you! XOXO



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    • Oh yea the Bump It and believe it or not Brandi Boo I now have two for my ever-changing hair color…..TEXAS beauty queen giant Bump It is my fave!

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