Skinny Jeans: The Good, the Bad and the UGLY


I’m sure you can only imagine where this post is going but fear not I will look a the phenomenon that is skinny jeans from all angles (no matter how disturbing that can be on certain body types)! So let’s start with the GOOD: Ladies, “if the butt fits you must equip” and by this I mean that skinny jeans are not too different from most jeans for many females—if my tush looks good in them then I’m gonna buy a pair (maybe even two). Another very GOOD thing about skinny jeans are the fact that they are everywhere, in every price range and in every color. In the past I have been known to spend over $100 on one pair of jeans (yes I do have a pair over $160 but don’t tell anyone), but with skinny jeans I can find a super cute pair for $35-60, sometimes less than that.

Now it’s time to move onto the BAD and there is a lot of BAD. Let’s start with the most unattractive thing on a guy—yup you guessed it: SKINNY JEANS! Since when did it become cool for guys to wear their jeans tighter than girls? I can’t handle it!! Now don’t get me wrong-fitted jeans on guys are completely different. I’m talking about the skinny jeans where it looks like the guy can’t breathe anymore, and they are so skinny you can see the outline of calf muscles (or lack thereof). That look is just not cute! Another BAD when it comes to skinny jeans are those that are frankly buying skinny jeans that just don’t fit. Note to anyone this applies to: skinny jeans don’t make you skinny. You can’t fit 315 lbs in a size 6 pair of skinny jeans. It’s just not gonna work so don’t try this at home or out in public.

That brings us to the UGLY, which frankly I think will be best explained in pictures. Enjoy! XOXO-J

notice calf muscle outline

muffin top'nuff said!


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