OUCH…That Hurts!


So yesterday was the BIG Country Music ½ Marathon (CMM for short) and it was a blast! Definitely went by way quicker than the Murfreesboro Half I did in October. There were 36,000 people running and it really makes a difference compared to the 2,000 that ran in October. There were also tons of people cheering us on and BANDS everywhere you turned (or ran-he he). Also I must make note that I had the best orange I’ve ever had in my life on mile 8 off Belmont Boulevard. I don’t know if it was because I really needed a pick-me-up at that point of because the water breaks just weren’t cutting it but no joke they were DELICIOUS! Now on to the not so “fun” side of running a marathon.

Once I passed mile 7 or 8 I noticed my left foot was starting to hurt, but at that point I was just happy to not have shin splints (which I have been struggling with the last few weeks), so I pressed on and blocked any pain out of my mind. Well things were going a-ok for a while and I was feeling pretty good, even though the pain hadn’t gone away and I was fairly certain my baby toenail had fallen off (yea’ I know kinda gross). So on the last mile I could taste the finish line, and of course I chugged along and made it safe and sound. My friend Angela and I met my family at the Family Reunion Tent and got to walkin’ to the car, which wasn’t too far away. As we are walking my hubby, Adam, asks me if I knew that my foot was bleeding. “Heck no!” I didn’t know my foot was bleeding, but once I looked down I could tell the blood was coming out slowly but surely. This ladies and gentleman was my first blood blister since I started running and it was uber-GROSS! So my question is why do we do this to ourselves? What is it that makes me want to continue to run and already look forward to next year’s CMM?

Don't worry--this isn't me!

Yes it’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line or improve you pace, but the aches and pains to follow yesterday and today are just no fun at all. On the drive to our car I was sitting in the back seat, with my legs up and noticed that my calf muscle was moving. Imagine a scene out of Aliens or an 8-month pregnant woman with a kicking baby. You could see my muscles twitching and moving around like crazy, with the painful cramping to go along with it. This is NOT what normal people do!  Normal people don’t push it so hard and train for 16 weeks so that they can ice their legs and push through blisters on their foot!!! Normal people don’t experience chaffing and raw sores because there clothing has cut into their skin!!!

Or do they?

I have tons of friends who also run and they seem pretty normal to me, or at least most of them. So for those of you who run or know someone who does let me hear about the reason you love to put your body through these aches and pains so we can commiserate together while I pop two Aleve and wrap my legs in an ace bandage.




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  1. I feel 100% better after a run. Even with my knees hurting and me walking around like an 80 year old man afterwards, it feels great! Gets the blood pumping and gives me energy.

    I ran the half last Saturday and now I’m hooked.

    But, I am no where near normal.

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