Why is KFC Trying to Kill Us?


So I don’t know if you folks watch television commercials, but let’s talk about the newest KFC creation that gives me a coronary attack even thinking about it. The DOUBLE DOWN! The 35 fat gram, 540-calorie, 1380 mg of sodium creation that basically has everything in it but a bun. I mean really KFC? Are your fried chicken buckets, biscuits, fake macaroni and cheese just not enough to contribute to the obesity problem the US has? I mean did you really have to come out with the Double Down?

What the most interesting tidbit to me is a recent article I read that stated the big US and Canadian health care giants own over $2 billion in stocks of the fast food giants-KFC, Mc D’s, and my favorite Taco Hell (sarcasm). So really when is it enough? I am no saint by any means. I eat my fair share of processed food, but I know that fast food is bad for me, so I chose to find the alternatives. I wish more people made this same effort too. Maybe sales of the fast food giants would go down and the health insurance companies would take their George Washington’s to other places that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Yup-this is it!

All I want to know is what did I do to KFC that makes them want to kill me?

Love to hear from ya! X’s and O’s!



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  1. Hey, Jenny. Love your blog. Interesting…next thing you know, they’re going to start taxing us on food according to how many fat grams and sodium are in them.

  2. I had three of these today at lunch, and went for a DQ Blizzard afterward. Thought they might cancel each other out.

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