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My Jamzzzz……


So I need to ask for some help out there for those of you who know some good Power Jamzzz! I feel like my Ipod has the same ol’ music on it as always and that can get repetitious and somewhat boring, which is lousy for running and working out. Even when I add songs here and there I “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” and ultimately skip through most of them. Now before you start sending me your suggestions of Broadway show-tunes and gangster rap, let me tell you about my BROAD musical taste!

First of all my first concert was New Kids on the Block (or as they are now know NKOTB), so just to go ahead and let you


know boy-band MAN Justin Timberlake is all over my Ipod already, and so are the likes of Ben Folds (and his Five), Aaliyah, Jay-Z, Phoenix,Timbaland, The Neptunes, Kesha,  Jack White and all of his bands and greatness, Miranda Lambert, The Beatles (yea’ Dad), The Rolling Stones, and many others but I wanted to name a few. Obviously I try to cover all genres’, young and old and everything in between. And NO I will not listen to the Jonas Bros, your girl Miley and please don’t recommend the Rocky theme song (sorry Angela and Adam)!  I just need some jamzz

Old School "NEW KIDS"

that’ll get my blood flowing and keep my energy up.

So send your suggestions my way and we will see what makes the cut. Ta Ta for now!


H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A


For All My Runners Out There- This is For You!


Here is a fun blog that I found out about from my friend Delaina (whose daughter Jen I met in Grad school—love her!) who runs every week with the Tin Roof 2 Crew on Monday nights (TR2). I have run a few times with her and she told me about Joe’s blog and then I got to meet the man behind the keyboard himself. His story is pretty cool!

Some good stuff and some good perspectives on running—Check it out! X’ and O’s to all! J

An Apology and a Baby Shower….


Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful hump day (why do they call it that anyways? Why not mid-week day or something like that?-whatev)! I would like to apologize for my blog-slacking as of late…my bad! Things have been somewhat busy the last few weeks, and I’m just now getting to where I feel like I’m back to a normal pace (whatever that is). So my sincerest and deepest apologies for the lack of blogging, but get ready for this cause I have a good one for ya!

A ducky tub!

So my friend Griffin is having a baby in August and you all know what that means!?!?!? BABY SHOWER time—woo hoo! No seriously, showers are great and Griffer’s deserves a nice one so I was all about going! Anyways after the yummy lunch, silly games (and by silly I mean almost gross when it came to the Gerber Food game—yuck!), and fun times, Griffin sat down to open presents.

Now folks just so you know my husband and I are on a 5 year plan. Meaning 5 years from the day we married we told folks we would start thinking about having kids—THINKING being the keyword. Well we have only been married 2.5 years so there is still time before the whole THINKING thing goes into play. So this being said, I have a nephew who is almost 18months old that my sister and brother in-law adopted from Korea when he was 8 months, so I don’t have the “newborn” baby experience under my belt at all.

As Griffin proceeds to open gifts I realize that I have no idea what half this stuff is. For instance, what the heck is a Boppy and why do you need a Boppy cover? It looked like a giant oversized pillow to me, so why not just use a pillow? Also where in the heck did they come up with the term Bumbo? Sounds like something I would have called my little sister many moons ago! Frankly, it looks like a high chair to me. Am I right or am I right?

The Bumpo!

So not only did the whole gift unwrapping thing perplex me, but it also wanted to make me shoot myself in the foot for not thinking up half the things that she got—it’s not brain science people. I would be RICH RICH RICH if I had thought of the portable baby bottle warmer, which is literally an oblong padded lunch box. And then here is the kicker—a giant rubber duck bathtub, to put in your (get this) bathtub. I mean really, WTF? That is genius!  Of course people are going to buy these because not only is it super cute (and who wouldn’t want a giant duck in their tub), but it prevents your Elmer Fudd look-alike from crashing it’s head on the faucet, and I hear that hurts.

So while I definitely think babies are cute and cuddly and love them dearly, I also know I am not ready to have kids anytime soon.  Not only because I enjoy my freedom at the moment, but also because I don’t know what half the baby stuff does or why you need it. I’ll stick to being the mom of a 12 lb 6 oz shih-tzu for now (whose 5th Bday is today)!

Love to hear the feedback!



He Sat Up and Took Nourishment….


I have found the last few days to a tornado of emotions and time has flown by so fast that I haven’t had time to process anything. This morning I was able to take the time to get ready for the day and think about my last few days with my grandfather, Gordon D. Gill, or as my sister and I refer to him as Poppy. I’d like o share a few of those moments now with all of you.

Monday when I got to the hospital was probably the worst I have seen him in the last couple of weeks he had been in ICU. He was in a lot of pain but was happy that I was there. The nurses helped with pain meds, which calmed him down, and he was able to have a meal. This is so important, because whenever I called my grandparents house for longer than I can remember, they would both get on the phone and of course I would ask Poppy how he was. EVERYTIME, and I mean every singe time he would say “Well I am able to sit up and take nourishment so things are ok.” We’d chuckle and then proceed to have our conversation. This became habit for us, and while at the time when I was feeding him on Monday (which he probably could have done by himself but I insisted) I wasn’t thinking it would be his last meal and the last time we got to have a conversation about life. When I reflect back now I think about how much that meant to me to be able to help feed him dinner and hold his hand that night until he went to sleep.

The next morning when my dad called to tell me I needed to come to the hospital and that he would probably only make it another one to three days–I was an emotional wreck. When I got there, the drugs had set in so he was fast asleep. Again I was able to hold his hand, while other family members were making calls and trying to get a hold of folks. He quickly passed away less than two hours later, and I was able to watch his take his last few breaths which was unbelievable. While this was highly emotional, I will not remember just the last two days I saw him, but rather the last 26 years that I was able to spend with him.

For many that knew him (or had heard about him through family and friends), they instantly fell in love. He was one on the nicest guys, who genuinely loved others and loved meeting new people. He told some of the best stories about growing up in the 20’s and 30’s and his time spent serving our country in World War II. He loved his wife, his family and every singe one of his friends and this is just a small piece of what I will remember about him.

Poppy--isn't he just too cute!!

Poppy- Kate and I love you, we will miss you, but we will never forget you!



P.S. Thank you for reading this post. Writing means so much to me and has been a great way to express myself. This post is not meant to make anyone sad, rather share in how wonderful life is and how wonderful people are.

ILA (I LOVE Acronyms)


IDK (I don’t know) about you guys but my world has been taken over by acronyms and I LOVE it! There are the traditionals: ASAP, LOL, AKA and the not-so-traditionals: LMAO (laughing my ass off), CYA (cover your ass), FOAF (friend of a friend) that save both text messaging characters and make it ten times easier to communicate your feelings.

So where did this communication phenom start and how popular is it?

As far as the English language is concerned, acronyms began in 1943. Nowadays they are used not only in Facebook posts, but also in various professional industries such as healthcare (ICU), entertainment (BBC), government (NATO), etc. No matter what ways you use them, it’s definitely part of the way we communicate. I even find myself having to double-check emails to others to make sure I haven’t slid a BTW or LOL to those that wouldn’t quite appreciate the lingo as much as I do. So whether you use them on a regular basis or not, there is no denying that the creativity and originality involved has NEIS (no end in sight).

TTYL and XOXO folks!


P.S. Did you know that ADCOMSUBORDCOMPHIBSPAC, a United States Navy term that stands for “Administrative Command, Amphibious Forces, Pacific Fleet Subordinate Command”, is the longest know acronym?