The worst phone call on a Friday


I don’t know about you guys but I love Fridays. It’s the end of the work week for many and normally a pretty fabulous day in general. I normally treat myself to a Starbucks on Friday’s as well and who doesn’t love S-Buxs? Now before you read any further I will go ahead and warn you that if you are a male this may not be the post to read. Consider yourself warned!

So this last Friday (as in yesterday) I was making my way to work and I see a phone number calling on my BBerry. Normally I don’t answer numbers I know so I let it go to voicemail. Well low-and-behold I got a voicemail,so I listened to it. Well guess who it was ladies (like I said guys you might not want to read any further)? The nurse at my OB-GYN calling to remind me about my appointment on Monday! I mean DAMN-really?!?!? That’s just an awful way to start off a Friday. Granted I know these appointments are necessary and all but could you not like send me a card in the mail with chocolates or something? Maybe one of those cute fruit baskets that are all the rage! I mean we all know how much ladies hate these annual appointments so the least you could do is not call to remind me, but rather send a sweet note or a gift

What a cute fruit basket!

card. That way I will correlate something fabulous and wonderful like a free Panera bagel with the OBGYN. Of course this is just a suggestion so don’t take it personally!

Now this all being said— you know what’s worse than a call from your OBGYN on a Friday morning? Realizing that you have to start out your Monday in a waiting room. LOL

Would love to hear from you!




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