Who wrote that? and other funny lyrics


So I was thinking about a 50 Cent song that was big a few years ago because one of the players on the Celtics BBall team, Nate Robinson, looks like a short 50 Cent! Anyways that’s besides the point.

See-Doesn't he look like Fitty?

The song lyric I thought of was “I love you like a fat kid loves cake.” Now tell me what the hell is that suppose to mean? First of all if my husband every tried to use that line on me I’d look at him like he had lost his mind. Secondly I don’t think any woman wants to be compared to cake and/or a fat kid. Not cute at all!

So this got me thinking “What other crazy/funny/just plain stupid lyrics seem a little out of this world and who in the hell would write them?” Here are a few (you’ll notice my commentary is in BOLD):

Aerosmith- Song: “Fallin in Love is So Hard on the Knees”; Lyrics: Sometimes I’m good but when I’m bad I’m even better
Don’t give me no lip I’ve got enough of my own. Umm Ok this is so true! Have you seen Steven Tyler’s lips–they are GINORMOUS. Like bigger than Angelina Jolie’s and bigger than mine got that one time in Destin. And for those of you not in Destin that week they were HUGE.

Ben Folds Five- Song: “Underground”; Lyrics: Hand me my nose ring! Umm all I have to say to this is YUCK, but it makes me giggle.

Britney Spears- Song: “Not Yet a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”; Lyrics: I’m not a girl, not yet a woman. All I need is time,
a moment that is mine while I’m in between. So Britney what the heck are you? I mean I know your CRAZY but what is this in between business? I don’t get it!

I Can Be Your Herrrrooo Baby!

Enrique Iglesias- Song: “Don’t Turn Out the Lights”; Lyrics: Dont turn out the lights I need to see if what I’m doing is right. Does this mean Enrique brought home the ugly girl from the bar or what?

Green Day- Song: “American Idiot”; lyrics: Don’t want to be an American idiot… Too late Billy Joe! JK

LFO- Song: “Summer Girls”; lyrics: You came from Georgia where the peaches grow, They drink lemonade and speak really slow. Is this suppose to be a knock at Southern girls and that we are slow? Good job guys-good job! What are you doing now? Oh that’s right–nothing!

What's up with the guy on the left?!?!?! Kind of scares me

These are just a few songs and lyrics that if taken literally will confuse the stuff out of you and if taken figuratively might frighten you. Anyone else have a good lyric or two to share? Would love to hear about it!

Love to all! XOXO- J


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  1. I am laughing…I love the fat kid loves cake lyric! As for LFO, interesting bc we just had a coworker from up North comment on how one of my employees came from the “Slow” part of the United States!

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