‘Roonies and Hillbillies Take on TN


For those of you who have never heard of Bonnaroo or the CMA Fest (I still call it Fan Fair—shhh!), you are in for a surprise. These two events are probably some of the best people watching one person could have for a whole year (imagine

one of the many artist! 'ol Alan

the one-liners that pop in your head), and believe it or not it’s during the same weekend. I know—AMAZING! First let me give a big shout out and THANK YOU to those who came for Bonnaroo and the Fest—Nashville and its current post-flood economy appreciate your money.

Now on to business! This post is meant to compare and contrast the differences between the Roonies of Bonnaro and the Hillbillies of the CMA Fest. Let’s start with a comparison– obviously both are music lovers, who don’t mind spending $6 on water and $9 on beer (damn why didn’t I get a vendor permit). They also are OUT of THEIR MINDS for spending hundreds of dollars on gas, tickets, food, hotels and swag. I’ve often told people the only way I’d go to either of these music fests would be if I was given tickets and in the Roo’s case if I was in one of those air-conditioned VIP tents.

But this isn’t all they have in common—the Roo’s and Hillbillies have a UNIQUE fashion sense and when I say UNIQUE I mean like stuff you can’t find on the street just anywhere. For instance, Bonnaroo-ners who wear clothes (and trust me there are quite a few that don’t), love their two-piece bathing suits, even the ones who shouldn’t be wearing a two-piece bathing suit. They also love their crocs and butterfly wings (see pic). Apparently for Roonies more is less, whether youcare to see it or not.

Now for those in attendance at the Fest you have ALL sorts of styles. There are those with the bedazzled fanny packs, and those with hot pink and baby blue cowboy hats (yea’ it takes all kinds). There are also the couples that come to the Fest and I swear pack so that they match everyday they are here. For instance one couple had matching pink plaid shirts and the whitest cowboy hats you have ever seen. Another couple had matching pony tails that strategically fit through the hole in the NASCAR hats they both wore.

This being said there are also a few differences. One being the smells! Roonies have the distinct smell of pot, body odor, mud, and port-a-johns. Hillbillies at the Fest smell of chewing tobacco, Stetson cologne, beer and funnel cakes. They obviously also both have different musical tastes and standards in living for a weekend—Roonies go for the outdoor, campground atmosphere and Festies are all about the cheapest hotel room with an all-you can eat buffet.

Yup-that's a cowboy hat with a Confederate flag!

No matter what type of fan you are the obvious similarity is that they are both in Middle TN for the EXPERIENCE! Love ‘em or hate ‘em they make me smile on my way to work Downtown and shake my head in disbelief at their choice of apparel for the day (or weekend in most cases). Would love to hear if any of you made the trek out to these FAB Music events this weekend and would love even more to see your pictures for my future one-liners.




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