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So I am one of those who loves to read the ticker at the bottom of newscasts, whether they are on CNN, Good Morning America (Go Robin Roberts!), my local news, or the all important E! (Entertainment Television). It’s susually short and sweet and to the point and it tells me everything I need to know for the day’s new events.

So roughly two days ago I’m flipping through the channels and low and behold one of my favorite shows/docu-drama’s is on-“True Hollywood Story: the Life of Michael Jackson” (act like you don’t watch these shows). This is timely because obviously the one year anniversary of his death is coming up. Well all the sudden the ticker at the bottom of the screen pops up and E! News needs to tell us that Amanda Bynes is retiring. First of all

Yup-yours truly Amanda Bynes!

 I have a feeling a lot of you are asking “who the hell is Amanda Bynes?” Good question! After first reading this I thought-wait a minute “how old is this girl?”

Get ready for this one folks!!! Amanda Bynes is 24. Well as someone slightly older than her I can assure you that retirement is in the far and distant future for me. This being said I was immediately intrigued and started to wonder what movies Amanda had been in that were blockbuster hits and guess what? I can’t think of one, so I went to Google (mind you this is all happening while I’m watching True Hollywood Story: the Life of MJ). Amanda has apparently been in a whopping 9 movies, with titles such as “Big Fat Liar”, “What a Girl Wants”, etc. So I ask am I just jealous that I can’t retire at the age of 26 or does this seem absolutely ridiculous to anyone but me?

Next thing you know the ticker will read that Beyonce is really a man and Ron Artest is crazy (oh wait a minute he’s already proven that)! Or that Justin Timberlake is really gay (which would devastate my friend Ashley). Either way I think we need to pick our ticker moments wisely and definitely discriminate what is and is not newsworthy especially when True Hollywood Story is on-geesh!

Would love to hear from you—XOXO



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  1. Well you know she was on that show, “What I like about you” and she had that clothing line at Steve and Barry’s and I think she even had a perfume… she has been a busy girl for the last maybe 5 years. That’s a honest lifetimes worth of work. I’d retire to… but I doubt it’ll stick. She will “come out of retirement” for some amazing screenplay or director when she runs out of money.

  2. Obviously you don’t appreciate the Amanda Bynes oeuvre, (look it up.)

    “What A Girl Wants” from the director of the David Spade opus, (look it up,) “Joe Dirt” brought in $36 million and is a classic fish out of water story or in this case a Bynes out of water story.

  3. Laughing! I love the movie “What a Girl Wants!” interesting- I doubt she’s retiring…Justin Timberlake is not gay, hello think of the woman he has been with. As for the ticker, i do the exact same thing. Good post Jenny!

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