Latoya and Bubbles- The NEW Power Couple! JK


So I knew there was a documentary being made that reunited Latoya Jackson (MJ’s sis) and Bubbles the chimp (Michael’s

An Olan Mills moment if I have ever seen one!

chimp from back in the day). The article I read about early last week had me laughing out loud at my desk. I mean really?!?!?! The Jackson family wants us to “respect their privacy” (yea’ right) and quit with the jokes and then you go and “shop around” for a deal with Animal Planet? Of course this is going to be a set up for public scrutiny and jokes abounding everywhere.

I brushed it aside and figured I would never see it cause I’m not a big Animal Planet-watcher (if it’s not on Bravo or TLC I probably don’t know about it). Well guess what was on TV late last night–“Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story” (sounds like my last posts huh?)??? So of course I had to watch a few minutes of it. Let me just say if you need a good laugh or want to see something that just blows your mind you have to see this documentary. Not only does Latoya cry throughout the whole thing–her face not moving and her eyes permanently open (that’s what plastic surgery does to ya), but she is shunned by Bubbles. Yes SHUNNED with a capital S! No joke, Bubbles wants nothing to do with her. And in thinking about this today who can blame him? I wouldn’t be able to make eye contact for too long with her either…. she is scary as hell.


Well this throws her for a loop and all the sudden the documentary turns to blaming Bubbles’ seclusion and his separation from Michael for his behavior towards Latoya. Yea’ right Give Me a Break (of that kit-kat bar). I mean come on, let’s be real, Bubbles was trying to figure out what the heck this crazy lady is doing talking to him, with cameras following her around, crying all over the place and looking like one of those scary clowns people have nightmares about. Like I said I would have to turn away too! It’s not Bubbles’ fault that he’d rather be alone than face the eyeliner-stained face of Latoya Jackson. So folks if you have even 5 minutes to catch a glimpse of this docu-drama please watch it. The jokes with come to you easily and you’ll definitely get a good laugh out of it.

Let me here from ya! XOXO



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