“Dad, I’m Never Gonna Wash MY Hands Again”


Growing up my sister and I jokingly told people that we were pretty sure my dad wanted a boy. Of course only jokingly because if you know our relationship with our dad you would know that we are two of his FAVE people and definitely his FAVE daughters (even though there is only us two to chose from). That being said he did take us to tons of football games, baseball games and basketball games, as well as smoky bars and music stores of all shapes and sizes. But one thing my dad did take me too was probably one of the coolest experiences any 12 year old could have—a WWF match at Municipal Auditorium. Yes it was the probably the highlight of my life at that point in my 12 short years. I was a huge wrestling fan, complete with my own deck of wrestling cards, shirts, bandanas, etc. So when I found out we were going to a wrestling match in Nashville I was ecstatic. I’m pretty sure our seats weren’t the best or it could have had something to do with the fact that I was 4 foot tall and couldn’t see anything (whatev), but by far the coolest part was when Macho Man Randy Savage came down the aisle and touched my hand. I instantly turned around and told my dad I would NEVER wash my left hand again.

"Oh yeah----snap into a Slim Jim"

First of all that’s just nasty and unsanitary! Honestly though I seriously thought that all wrestlers ruled the world so this was a HUGE moment for me and I remember every second. This being said-did anyone notice the contestant in the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest that had face paint on looked a lot like the Ultimate Warrior? Well that’s the first thing I thought when I saw him. So that leaves me to ask is the early-90s wrestling phenomenon coming back? Probably not! But a girl can dream can’t she?!?!?

Ultimate Warrior (R.I.P)

Dude from hot dog contest! Told ya...

As always would love to hear from you and BTW a BIG shout out to my sis Kate who turned 20 today, which makes me feel super old. Before you know it she’ll be 30 and I’ll be knocking on 40’s door-boo to that! XOXO–J

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  1. Haha you would write about wrestling… I dont remember ur obsession with WWE but i sure do feel like i was there with you haha. Thanks for the shout out sis… your not that old 🙂

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