Jobs-the Best and Worst



So while driving today my hubby and I went by a Little Debbie delivery truck parked in someone’s driveway and of course I made the comment, “Man wouldn’t that be the best job? To have Little Debbie’s at your disposal all day-every day.” Of course I don’t know that I’d really like the job of stocking shelves, but having Little Debbie’s at my command doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Especially those swiss rolls–YUM YUM YUM! Anyways this got me thinking about the show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe (which Adam thinks is wonderful, and my friend Brandi likes it too even though I think she has more of an obsession with Mike Rowe than anything else).

Dirty Jobs follows Rowe working some of the hardest, most labor-intensive, disgusting jobs all over America. This has included stops at waste treatment facilities, zoo’s, port-o-john cleaning stations, constructions sites, and landfills of all shapes and sizes. How about a BIG no-thanks to those?!?!? Yea it makes me appreciate my job more too!!! With that being said I recently met someone in a elevator (yea I am one of those who talks to pretty much anyone) that works as a courier. On an exceptionally hot

I don't wanna know what's on his face!

day I made the comment about the heat and how they handle it. He proceeded to inform me that it’s not too bad. He normally has his momma (yea that’s what he said–his momma) pack a cooler every morning with 5 frozen water bottles and that gets him through the day. He also tells me though that during a normal summer he loses 20-25 lbs. Now that may be a job to consider?

Any thoughts on  good and bad jobs? Would love to hear them!



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