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Blog much? Don’t mind if I do!


Have you ever had one of those moments where you can’t figure out exactly what you want to say? Some call it writer’s block, and I’m suffering from a case right now so instead of boring you with a useless post I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs and the reason’s why they are so wonderful. Here goes nothing!

Club Trillion – Absolutely hilarious for any pop culture or sports fan (especially if you are a fan of THE OHIO STATE). Don’t not go to this one cause it’s that good!

Bid Me Wings – If you want to be inspired or buy some really cool vintage items from her store then check it out!

Sam Davidson– Quirky, interesting and innovative. Nuff said!

End Slavery – A cool group and an even cooler blog. Very eye-opening!

People of Walmart – Very inappropriate but absolutely hilarious!

Style Blueprint – Awesome site for any girl to read!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! XOXO- J




So I’m totally surprised I haven’t mentioned this place sooner considering it’s a huge part of my weekly conversations at work! The Cupcake Collection is a cool cupcake shop located in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashvegas—And it is unbelievable!!! Forget Gigi’s, forget Ivey Cakes, or your crazy Aunt Lilly’s homemade version, these things are the HOTNESS!

Flavors like strawberry lemonade, blackout, sweet potato, cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly, etc. are just a few of the scrumptious cupcakes they have at CC. And their story is pretty awesome too—it’s a family run business that occupies the home they live in (and it’s a purple house to boot), and they are transplants from New Orleans post-Katrina. Every time you walk in you can feel and smell the love that goes into these cup-o-cakes and the best part is that they are $1.50, and not only that—on Monday they give you a giant bowl of the Cajun favorite red beans and rice also for just $1.50. Told you they were awesome! So if you are in the area go by and order a cupcake or if you are looking for birthday options for me (JK) you know where to head! Adios–J

I know it’s over 2 months away but….


Ok folks so I have officially decided what Adam and I are going to be for Halloween (yea I have already been thinking about it) this year! Any guesses out there? No–not “peas & carrots” like Forrest and Jenny, and no not Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, even though that would be an obvious choice given our skin colors. Come on–think more “new age”, absolutely hysterically stupid!

Drumroll please……

We are going to be Snooki and the Situation’s evil twin-Intimidation from the stupidest/funniest show on TV- Jersey Shore! Yup that’s what we are going to be. And before you start hating let me just go ahead and say we have a lot of the stuff that could make this a reality pretty inexpensively! First of all I have a Bump-It (actually two but that’s another story), and my hair is

pronounced SCHHHH-nookie!

super thick so I can tease the heck out of it. Also her orange skin won’t be a problem because that can easily be accomplished with extra thick tanning cream! Neutrogena here I come–probably gonna have to buy two bottles! Really the only things I need to buy are giant gold hoop earrings, and obnoxiously large sunglasses, oh and a hoochie leopard print dress!

Da Situation!!!

Now onto Situation’s evil twin–Intimidation! We are in luck cause Adam already owns jeans and a plethora of wife-beaters in all colors! He also has a gold chain from his bachelor party (don’t ask) and giant watches! Really the only thing he needs are a couple more chains, some fake tattoos and a giant belt buckle with his initials on it! Easy enough right? Right!

Now if any of you out there want to take on the role of J-Woww or Pauly D (or even a “Grenade”) let me know and we can be one happy Jersey Shore family! And if you have any accessory suggestions let me know! The more obnoxious the better. 🙂

Ta Ta for now—XOXO


p.s. I figured Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus were little too immature for us, so we also decided against that! LOL

Biking Around the Block


So I have already kind of hinted that my new favorite thing is riding my bike! If you have a few minutes check out these upcoming races. I’ll be participating in HOW (Hope on Wheels), which benefits the Minnie Pearl Breast Cancer Foundation, and the other ride-Dirt, Guts and Donuts, benefits a great program, Ride for Reading.Unfortunately I’ll be doing the Murfreesboro Half Marathon the day of the the Ride for Reading event, but I still hope folks can go out and support a great program. Links are below and yes I do have a fundraising page for the HOW ride if you’d like to sponsor me (click the pink logo below)!

Are there any other good rides you know about? Or other folks who have come to LOVE riding as much as I do?

Wanna hear from ya–XOXO


Are You Ready for Some Football????


Ok so this isn’t the catchphrase you think first when it comes to college football, rather it’s the one you think of for the NFL.

HIGHLIGHTS! Believe it or not we have 'em. 🙂

Either way—it’s about to FULL FOOTBALL FEVER in Tennessee. And you all know what that means? Vanderbilt Football will be on my Saturday to-do list this fall. Now before you start making the smart@ss comments about how awful Vandy is, and how there coach is a no-name, don’t waste your breath. I’ve already heard it, multiple times and guess what? I agree—well sort of. First of all—luckily for me I don’t set my standards real high when it comes to Vandy football so whether they win or lose I know it’s a game and that things can change in an instant. Besides as I like to say, if I’m not a Vandy fan then who will be? No— but in all seriousness all those fans that get completely obsessed and live and die by the scoreboard (aka those orange guys in Knoxville), that’s not me. I love the game of football and I love the Commodores so whether you like them or not makes no difference to me.

The Happy Dance!

Now onto the coaching situation! BoJo (Bobby Johnson) is out the door at VU, and some funny guy named Caldwell has taken over head coaching duties. He’s so funny that at SEC Media Days this year he had the reporters laughing and hit all the radio stations because everyone wanted a sound bite. At one point, a reporter asked Coach C what he was going to do as coach of Vandy and he replied quickly that he needed an Offensive Line Coach cause the one last year was awful. The funny part of that is that he was the OLC last year—LOL No matter what though I’m pretty sure we are going to win just as many games with Coach C as we would have with BoJo. So if you are going to a game or want to talk SEC football this fall I’m your girl. We tailgate like champs, and I put my own spin on baking with a real-life stadium cake-decorated accordingly depending opponent.

So bring on the pigskin and bring on the party, FOOTBALL FEVER will be here soon!

Love to hear from ya!



p.s. a shout-out to my hubby who always makes me laugh even when he doesn’t mean to. For instance, I’m driving his truck and going through the Ipod and low and behold old-school Michael Bolton start playing. Yes “Time, Love and Tenderness” blasts through my speakers. He later blames it on his dad-saying that for a little while he put songs on this particular Ipod. Yea’ right!