Are You Ready for Some Football????


Ok so this isn’t the catchphrase you think first when it comes to college football, rather it’s the one you think of for the NFL.

HIGHLIGHTS! Believe it or not we have 'em. 🙂

Either way—it’s about to FULL FOOTBALL FEVER in Tennessee. And you all know what that means? Vanderbilt Football will be on my Saturday to-do list this fall. Now before you start making the smart@ss comments about how awful Vandy is, and how there coach is a no-name, don’t waste your breath. I’ve already heard it, multiple times and guess what? I agree—well sort of. First of all—luckily for me I don’t set my standards real high when it comes to Vandy football so whether they win or lose I know it’s a game and that things can change in an instant. Besides as I like to say, if I’m not a Vandy fan then who will be? No— but in all seriousness all those fans that get completely obsessed and live and die by the scoreboard (aka those orange guys in Knoxville), that’s not me. I love the game of football and I love the Commodores so whether you like them or not makes no difference to me.

The Happy Dance!

Now onto the coaching situation! BoJo (Bobby Johnson) is out the door at VU, and some funny guy named Caldwell has taken over head coaching duties. He’s so funny that at SEC Media Days this year he had the reporters laughing and hit all the radio stations because everyone wanted a sound bite. At one point, a reporter asked Coach C what he was going to do as coach of Vandy and he replied quickly that he needed an Offensive Line Coach cause the one last year was awful. The funny part of that is that he was the OLC last year—LOL No matter what though I’m pretty sure we are going to win just as many games with Coach C as we would have with BoJo. So if you are going to a game or want to talk SEC football this fall I’m your girl. We tailgate like champs, and I put my own spin on baking with a real-life stadium cake-decorated accordingly depending opponent.

So bring on the pigskin and bring on the party, FOOTBALL FEVER will be here soon!

Love to hear from ya!



p.s. a shout-out to my hubby who always makes me laugh even when he doesn’t mean to. For instance, I’m driving his truck and going through the Ipod and low and behold old-school Michael Bolton start playing. Yes “Time, Love and Tenderness” blasts through my speakers. He later blames it on his dad-saying that for a little while he put songs on this particular Ipod. Yea’ right!


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