I know it’s over 2 months away but….


Ok folks so I have officially decided what Adam and I are going to be for Halloween (yea I have already been thinking about it) this year! Any guesses out there? No–not “peas & carrots” like Forrest and Jenny, and no not Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, even though that would be an obvious choice given our skin colors. Come on–think more “new age”, absolutely hysterically stupid!

Drumroll please……

We are going to be Snooki and the Situation’s evil twin-Intimidation from the stupidest/funniest show on TV- Jersey Shore! Yup that’s what we are going to be. And before you start hating let me just go ahead and say we have a lot of the stuff that could make this a reality pretty inexpensively! First of all I have a Bump-It (actually two but that’s another story), and my hair is

pronounced SCHHHH-nookie!

super thick so I can tease the heck out of it. Also her orange skin won’t be a problem because that can easily be accomplished with extra thick tanning cream! Neutrogena here I come–probably gonna have to buy two bottles! Really the only things I need to buy are giant gold hoop earrings, and obnoxiously large sunglasses, oh and a hoochie leopard print dress!

Da Situation!!!

Now onto Situation’s evil twin–Intimidation! We are in luck cause Adam already owns jeans and a plethora of wife-beaters in all colors! He also has a gold chain from his bachelor party (don’t ask) and giant watches! Really the only thing he needs are a couple more chains, some fake tattoos and a giant belt buckle with his initials on it! Easy enough right? Right!

Now if any of you out there want to take on the role of J-Woww or Pauly D (or even a “Grenade”) let me know and we can be one happy Jersey Shore family! And if you have any accessory suggestions let me know! The more obnoxious the better. 🙂

Ta Ta for now—XOXO


p.s. I figured Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus were little too immature for us, so we also decided against that! LOL

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