So I’m totally surprised I haven’t mentioned this place sooner considering it’s a huge part of my weekly conversations at work! The Cupcake Collection is a cool cupcake shop located in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashvegas—And it is unbelievable!!! Forget Gigi’s, forget Ivey Cakes, or your crazy Aunt Lilly’s homemade version, these things are the HOTNESS!

Flavors like strawberry lemonade, blackout, sweet potato, cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly, etc. are just a few of the scrumptious cupcakes they have at CC. And their story is pretty awesome too—it’s a family run business that occupies the home they live in (and it’s a purple house to boot), and they are transplants from New Orleans post-Katrina. Every time you walk in you can feel and smell the love that goes into these cup-o-cakes and the best part is that they are $1.50, and not only that—on Monday they give you a giant bowl of the Cajun favorite red beans and rice also for just $1.50. Told you they were awesome! So if you are in the area go by and order a cupcake or if you are looking for birthday options for me (JK) you know where to head! Adios–J


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