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Swamp Peeps!!!!


Ok folks you have got to watch this new show on History Channel called “Swamp People”. New episodes are on Tuesday nights and it is a must-see! Yes I know Glee is all the rage (and my personal fave Grey’s Anatomy) but you CAN NOT miss this show.

Basically we are talking about a camera following backwoods, Louisiana bayou men, who talk like they have marbles in their

Nuff said!

mouth, who make a living by catching alligators. Granted I am not for animal cruelty, but if it’s an alligator I can make an exception. I have never seen such crazy behavior in my life, and they make big bucks from this. They have a strategy on how and where to hunt, and pair up in two’s on a boat and basically shoot the alligator once they catch them with a shotgun. A very OLD shotgun at that! The best part if you can’t understand a word the Swamp People say and they are speaking English for crying out loud. But in all seriousness if you are grossed out by the skinning of animals then don’t watch this show, but if you want a good laugh and to be entertained by Louisiana’s finest then tune in on Tuesday’s. Besides GLEE is soooo last year! JK

Would love to hear from ya!




Memories of the Virgin Mary


So you know how memories from your childhood pop in your mind from time to time? It happens to me frequently. I can remember as far back as 3 years old where my days were spent at Creative Learning Center in Nashville. A couple weeks ago I was on a training run and passed some of my stomping grounds from back in the day, which brings me to the story of my role as the Virgin Mary in a Christmas production at my daycare. Why is this important you may ask? Well it’s not but it’s kinda funny!

For those of you who know me it might be hard to believe that I was really shy as a kid. And by really shy I mean REALLY shy. So when I was tapped to play the Virgin Mary in our Christmas play I don’t think I quite knew what was expected of me. A normal five year old worries about her toys, what kind of ice cream she wants for dinner, and whether or not her dad brought her a Snickers bar to eat before she got home (bribery gets you everywhere right Dad?), so I didn’t take my part in the play too seriously!

Virgin Mary Toast? Awesome!

Well the night arrives for me to make the debut in my starring role as Mary at the church down the road from my daycare (yup I ran by that too) and guess what? I had a breakdown—tears, snotty nose, more tears, sobbing, and I told them I wasn’t going on the stage-NO way No how!

Well the teachers and volunteers were not very happy about it, but reluctantly let me go sit with my family, who were eagerly awaiting to see my acting skills at work. Needless to say they never had the chance, because I sat my happy butt down next to my Poppy and watched the rest of the kids do their thing. Who played the Virgin Mary you may wonder? I’m pretty sure it was a teacher. And just a side note-the church burnt down years later. Coincidence? I think not! I think God was trying to tell Creative Learning Center a little something. I’m just sayin’!

X’s and O’s to all!


Warm Milk…Does it really work?


So it’s 1 o’clock in the morning local time and I can’t sleep! Not only can I not sleep right now but I have probably only gotten about one hour’s sleep total since I attempted to go to bed, and I have to be awake and ready to run 12 miles in in less that 5 hours from now. Yea not cool man-not cool at all! Why do you have to run 12 miles you may ask? Well I guess technically I don’t HAVE to, but two weeks from today I have the Women’s Half-Marathon in Downtown Nashvegas, and technically this

Looks incredibly uncomfortable yet peaceful!

should be my last long run before the BIG day, so it would be nice to get it in. Yet I am not even close to being tired and while I know they say a glass of warm milk does the trick for most folks, the thought of that makes my stomach hurt. I like my milk nice and cold thank you!

Do any of you out there have any tricks to this madness? I actually have done this before–about 8 months or so ago. I couldn’t sleep a full night and would normally wake up about 2:30am and not go back to bed until about 5am (with the alarm preset to a 6:15 curtain call). I did this for a couple of weeks and I’m pretty sure I scared all the little kids I passed on a daily basis with my big, puffy eyes. Luckily insomnia didn’t seem to set in and medication wasn’t necessary, and I started to enjoy sleeping without interruption again, much to my husband and Rocco’s liking. Yup even dogs seems to start getting irritated at you when you disturb them in their sleep. Geesh! Right now Rocco kind of has this look in his eyes like “what the hell is wrong with you?”, so on that note I’ll say good night (hopefully) and see you tomorrow…err I mean later today! XOXO


I Don’t Wanna Grow Up…..


….I’m a Toys-R-Us kid (sing it with me). There’s a million things at Toys-R-Us that I can play with.

You know him--you love him!

Ok enough of that!! This “growing up” business is not all that it’s cracked out to be. For those of you reading this post who are livin’ it up in college or high school-trust me when I say that mortgages, car payments, and other bills are not exciting. As a matter of fact they are a little crap-tastic! The hubs and I are about to refinance our house (which granted has some equity in it–thank God), are about to have to get rid of our junky Jeep (which mind you will be paid off in 5 months), and are still working on small home improvements as we go. Talk about some boring conversations peeps! Instead of talking about what exotic trips we want to take, we are talking about FHA loans and what Nissan is the most reliable! Boo bear to that 😦

And granted I know this is just part of life but DAMN could someone have warned me about this. I just got off the phone a couple hours ago with our financial planner (yup-got one of those), and let me just say the lingo surrounding 401K’s and stock options make me feel like an IDIOT! This is coming from a girl who use to think 401K would be her starting salary out of college–yea’ right!

And on a side-note I don’t want to sound ungrateful cause that’s not the case. Just a little jaded that’s all and I don’t even have the responsibility of caring for children yet! Speaking of children- school is back in session, which means more fender benders on the roadways and an occasional 4 car pile-up (which always makes the drive-in a nightmare). Lately though I have been seeing some crazy things with my fellow drivers in the morning. For instance, today I saw a man driving his car and playing a trumpet. About a week ago I saw a lady pull a Britney Spears and had her child sitting in her lap while she was driving. Yea I

"I pity the fool"

know what you are thinking-I thought it too!

Ok now that I’m stepping off the soapbox-I’m hoping to get a “go get em tiger” or other words of encouragement from you! Are there any other “grown-up” decisions I’ll have to make, because if there are I’d like to be warned about them now if you don’t mind!

X’s and O’s always!


P.S. New phrase of the week (from Jessie)= ‘Super Brill’—Use it, love it, OWN it!