I Don’t Wanna Grow Up…..


….I’m a Toys-R-Us kid (sing it with me). There’s a million things at Toys-R-Us that I can play with.

You know him--you love him!

Ok enough of that!! This “growing up” business is not all that it’s cracked out to be. For those of you reading this post who are livin’ it up in college or high school-trust me when I say that mortgages, car payments, and other bills are not exciting. As a matter of fact they are a little crap-tastic! The hubs and I are about to refinance our house (which granted has some equity in it–thank God), are about to have to get rid of our junky Jeep (which mind you will be paid off in 5 months), and are still working on small home improvements as we go. Talk about some boring conversations peeps! Instead of talking about what exotic trips we want to take, we are talking about FHA loans and what Nissan is the most reliable! Boo bear to that 😦

And granted I know this is just part of life but DAMN could someone have warned me about this. I just got off the phone a couple hours ago with our financial planner (yup-got one of those), and let me just say the lingo surrounding 401K’s and stock options make me feel like an IDIOT! This is coming from a girl who use to think 401K would be her starting salary out of college–yea’ right!

And on a side-note I don’t want to sound ungrateful cause that’s not the case. Just a little jaded that’s all and I don’t even have the responsibility of caring for children yet! Speaking of children- school is back in session, which means more fender benders on the roadways and an occasional 4 car pile-up (which always makes the drive-in a nightmare). Lately though I have been seeing some crazy things with my fellow drivers in the morning. For instance, today I saw a man driving his car and playing a trumpet. About a week ago I saw a lady pull a Britney Spears and had her child sitting in her lap while she was driving. Yea I

"I pity the fool"

know what you are thinking-I thought it too!

Ok now that I’m stepping off the soapbox-I’m hoping to get a “go get em tiger” or other words of encouragement from you! Are there any other “grown-up” decisions I’ll have to make, because if there are I’d like to be warned about them now if you don’t mind!

X’s and O’s always!


P.S. New phrase of the week (from Jessie)= ‘Super Brill’—Use it, love it, OWN it!


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