Memories of the Virgin Mary


So you know how memories from your childhood pop in your mind from time to time? It happens to me frequently. I can remember as far back as 3 years old where my days were spent at Creative Learning Center in Nashville. A couple weeks ago I was on a training run and passed some of my stomping grounds from back in the day, which brings me to the story of my role as the Virgin Mary in a Christmas production at my daycare. Why is this important you may ask? Well it’s not but it’s kinda funny!

For those of you who know me it might be hard to believe that I was really shy as a kid. And by really shy I mean REALLY shy. So when I was tapped to play the Virgin Mary in our Christmas play I don’t think I quite knew what was expected of me. A normal five year old worries about her toys, what kind of ice cream she wants for dinner, and whether or not her dad brought her a Snickers bar to eat before she got home (bribery gets you everywhere right Dad?), so I didn’t take my part in the play too seriously!

Virgin Mary Toast? Awesome!

Well the night arrives for me to make the debut in my starring role as Mary at the church down the road from my daycare (yup I ran by that too) and guess what? I had a breakdown—tears, snotty nose, more tears, sobbing, and I told them I wasn’t going on the stage-NO way No how!

Well the teachers and volunteers were not very happy about it, but reluctantly let me go sit with my family, who were eagerly awaiting to see my acting skills at work. Needless to say they never had the chance, because I sat my happy butt down next to my Poppy and watched the rest of the kids do their thing. Who played the Virgin Mary you may wonder? I’m pretty sure it was a teacher. And just a side note-the church burnt down years later. Coincidence? I think not! I think God was trying to tell Creative Learning Center a little something. I’m just sayin’!

X’s and O’s to all!



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