Swamp Peeps!!!!


Ok folks you have got to watch this new show on History Channel called “Swamp People”. New episodes are on Tuesday nights and it is a must-see! Yes I know Glee is all the rage (and my personal fave Grey’s Anatomy) but you CAN NOT miss this show.

Basically we are talking about a camera following backwoods, Louisiana bayou men, who talk like they have marbles in their

Nuff said!

mouth, who make a living by catching alligators. Granted I am not for animal cruelty, but if it’s an alligator I can make an exception. I have never seen such crazy behavior in my life, and they make big bucks from this. They have a strategy on how and where to hunt, and pair up in two’s on a boat and basically shoot the alligator once they catch them with a shotgun. A very OLD shotgun at that! The best part if you can’t understand a word the Swamp People say and they are speaking English for crying out loud. But in all seriousness if you are grossed out by the skinning of animals then don’t watch this show, but if you want a good laugh and to be entertained by Louisiana’s finest then tune in on Tuesday’s. Besides GLEE is soooo last year! JK

Would love to hear from ya!



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  1. Hi Jen!
    I saw the Gilly dancing wedding picture, the man can bust a move. Congratulations!!!
    It reminded me that you had a blog and something about Swampers, so I checked it out. Hard to believe the success of the show. Only problem for me? I’m starting to talk like Swamp Duke all the time! Take care Jen!! -Pat

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