A Blonde Moment (again!)


So this is a short and sweet story, but is very funny and could only happen to me. So about a week or so ago I get an email from my boss and the subject line reads “Craig’s List”. Just like this–same spelling, plural possessive, etc. Well the body of the email is about a new position that is posted at work, so the only Craig I know is our IT guy and I immediately think this needs to go to him. See my boss was wanting to figure out how to post the description on Craig’s List, so naturally I thought “Oh yea–Craig the IT guy would know”. Well I proceed to call him and leave a voicemail when he doesn’t answer. A few hours later,

It can happen to anyone!!!

still no call back from Craig I see him in the hallway leaving and ask if he got my voicemail. He says no and then tells me to email it to him, so that’s exactly what I do. I forward the email my boss sends me to Craig. Well guess what???? Craig emails me back saying he thinks she means the other “craigslist”. Ooops! Well I start to laugh hysterically-and immediately blame it on the fake hair color.

Anyways–so that no one feels like an idiot out there when stuff like this happens to them, remember you can always blame it on your hair color. And if you are not a blonde (naturally or by peroxide) then well you don’t have an excuse….

Ta Ta for now!



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