You say it’s your birthday…..


….it’s my birthday too yea’!

It has been a wonderful birthday week—–full of fun, friends and family. My husband and Dad both had to become party planners and did an EXCELLENT job. I also was able to experience the hilarious Dolly Parton and her sweet voice on Tues at the All for the Hall event. Let me just say that women is like a pixie stick–except for of course “the girls” and she had me

My Gurrrrrlllll!

laughing to whole time.  Martina McBride and Allison Kruass also killed it that night. Then I had another magical music experience in spin class on Wednesday with my instructor playing some oldies but goodies! Not only did she have “Tearing Up My Heart” by NSync, but also “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips who I absolutely LOVED growing up. I new all the words of course and sang through the whole thing while on the bike.

This year I realized that I share a birthday month with A LOT of important people. First and foremost my Grandmother and Uncle both celebrate their Bdays in October (which I already knew), but I also share my birthDAY with some well-known celebrities. Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, and Jackie Collins are Oct. 4th babies, and so is Charlton Heston–WEIRD!!!

So to all of you who made my BIG 2-7 wonderful thank you and here’s to next year and the BIG 2-8! XOXO


P.S. I got a new SLR camera so get ready for some AWESOME pictures to come!


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