So I know it’s been a while since the last post and trust me I have a good excuse this time…Actually no I don’t but it kept you wanting to read didn’t it? Anyways the month of October has been super BUSY (with a capital B). If it’s not work, it’s friends, family, football games,  1/2 marathons and who can forget the holiday to end all holidays–HALLOWEEN! So things have been a little hectic! And I know in a previous post I said I was going to dress as Snooki and Adam was going to be The Situation’s evil twin, Intimidation. Well the desire to do that wore off real quick and I became a pumpkin, and let me just say a mighty cute pumpkin at that. Actually what’s funny is that I’m pretty sure the first 3-4 years of my life I was a pumpkin (hey the outfit still fit) so obviously things don’t change too much over time. My husband also decided to have an argument with his mountain bike, and let’s just say the mountain bike won, so the last week has been interesting for me and painful for him!

Anyways I’m hoping the holidays start to go a little slower so I can enjoy them and have fun celebrating! I’m also hoping Vandy can squeeze out a win or two by the end of the season as well, but at least basketball season is around the corner and I’ll have something to look forward to. Let’s just say this year’s season ticket design is the HOTNESS! Anyways I hope to write more in November and have some funny stories to tell.

Speaking of funny/crazy stories-did you hear the one about the 13 lb baby that was born in Texas? Not only was the kid 13 lbs it was three weeks early. Could you imagine the size if the mother had taken it to term? I mean I know everything

Umm yea'-thanks but no thanks 🙂

is bigger in Texas but DAMNNNN! My shih-tzu, Rocco, only weighs 14 lbs (12 on a good day). This is why childbirth terrifies me! I’m not good with needles, I pass out for no apparent reason, and having to squeeze out a possible 8-10 lb watermelon is not exactly what I picture a good day being. Anyways hope everyone had a wonderful October and are ready for an even better November and December. Ta-Ta for now and fill me in on your happenings!

p.s. John Mellencamp concert is in 4 days, and Ben Folds is the end of November–whoop whoop! I can’t think of two better shows to see!!!!





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  1. Glad you’re back, XOXO! I was wondering what happened! Hey, another good show to see would be the ETSU Bluegrass, Country and Old Time bands when we perform at the Culp Center on December 1st! Can anyone say ROAD TRIP?

    Tell John that I said hi–he probably won’t remember me, but I was that HS freshman that sang Jack & Diane throughout an entire year of high school. 🙂 I’m SURE he heard me.

    Sending well wishes to the fabulous Adam!

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