Rivalry or just another reason to tailgate?


For those of you who love college football as much as I do, you know that Saturday’s in the fall are very important. It’s all about the fans, the atmosphere, the food and fun.  And it’s fair to say that as a Vandy fan it’s not so much about the game of football but rather the tailgate! I have been going to college football games with my dad since I was little, so it’s a family affair, and we always have some yummy food!

One of the biggest games each year for Vandy is towards the end of each season when they take on in-state rivals, the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Now for those of you that don’t live in TN or don’t run across a bunch of UT fans, let’s just say about 90% of them are a different breed of human (and I have to say 90% because I have friends who are UT grads or fans and they are normal). They are VERY into their football and all that it entails, and are not afraid to show it! And while it may seem like a lopsided rivalry, being that UT usually wins (except that one time-LOL), it’s also kind of fun to talk trash leading up to the game, especially when their season hasn’t turned out to be as stellar as it usually is.

One of my absolute favorite VANDY/UT game memories is when I was 14 and it was a beautiful day for football. The leaves were falling and FALL was in the air full force. As a beat-up touring bus pulled up not too far from where we were tailgating, out stumbled about 14 old, drunk men and their wives (who all thought orange was an attractive color to wear–umm I think not!). Well immediately it was obvious that the drinking had started probably right when they left Knoxville that morning, and they apparently thought making cat calls at a 14 year-old girl was a GENIUS idea. Well they were wrong! Now just a quick note–my dad is not a fighter at all. As a matter of fact John Lennon describes his attitude perfectly when he would say “Peace not War, Love not Hate.” But this day was different and in about 30 seconds-I saw a beer get shaken up by my dad, and sprayed all over the DRUNKARDS. And it was AWESOME!!!!!!! I’ll never forget their faces as they were getting sprayed–it was almost like their brain couldn’t quite grasp what was happening and they all kind of just looked at each other (and dropped the F-Bomb a couple times too). But it was seriously one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen!

So today it is off to another Fall football game between Vandy and UT–not sure how this will turn out (but if Vandy scores 14 points everyone gets a free taco from TACO BELL), but one can hope it  doesn’t involve a shaken beer can and drunk rednecks.

Ta Ta for now!!




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