Christmas: The Untold Story


So my hubby, Adam, and I have been married now for three years and between us we have plenty of family and friends to shop for. Now before I get the third degree that Christmas is not about giving gifts— save it, cause I know that’s not what Christmas is about, but if you know me you know how much I enjoy buying presents for people. Whether it be a birthday, baby shower, graduation, of just cause I’m BIG on sentimental gifts that I put a lot of thought and preparation into. So I never quite understood when my mom would say things like “ I don’t know what to get your dad” or “ I feel like I get that for her every year”. Now I can officially say I know what she feels like!

Buying gifts is such a representation of what you think about a person and how well you know them! For instance if you got me a size zero skirt, you would know that it’s not gonna fit cause I am not a size zero (that would be my sister Kate). Or if you bought me anything the color orange then you would definitely not know that I detest the color orange and you also wouldn’t know why (ugly UT orange). All this being said I find it harder and harder to get those I love the perfect gift. So I have resorted to a creative, somewhat renaissance manner in coming up with gift ideas—ShopAir Magazine. Yup- you heard that right- the magazine you can shop from when you are flying! Iy;s a GENIUS publication!

Now I don’t purchase anything from the magazine cause it’s way overpriced, but man does it have some great ideas! For instance, they have marshmallow guns, Star Wars memorabilia, dog steps that go right to your bed, kitty water regulators, fake decorative

These are the steps I would get for Rocco!

rocks for your yard, etc. Really it gets my creative juices flowing!

What “untold” Christmas stories have you discovered over the years? Where do you go to get your gift ideas? Hope to hear from you folks!




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