Football Fans Who Act a Fool!


Last Thursday night was the Titans/Colts game, and aside from it being 20-something degrees outside, we were lucky enough to get free tickets on the 50-yard line, Club level, from my work. Well let’s just say people on Club level are some crazy, drunk fools for the most part!!! I cannot tell you how many people were completely plastered and saying some of the craziest things. One white guy kept yelling to three black guys in front of him the words “Gin & Juice” over and over again. What the hell does that mean? It was the weirdest thing—like completely awkward! Then there were two other guys (both Titans fans) yelling at each other about who actually paid for what ticket and that they were allowed to have whatever opinion they wanted. It was almost hilarious to watch cause either guy was making any sense whatsoever.

You know it was freezin' in Wisconsin when this picture was taken! LOL

But while all this is going on I’m asking myself, what is it about football games and people acting a fool? Is it the adrenaline, the nature of the game, the excess of alcohol, the freedom to get out of your house? I don’t know that there is a correct answer to this, but based on my knowledge of football games and my attendance to plenty of them, I do know that there are folks who live and breathe football and who-no matter how wrong they are- will not shut up when it comes to yelling there opinion so EVERYONE can hear. And while it can be quite humorous, it’s also annoying, especially when  you are trying to watch THE GAME!

Know any obnoxious fans that fit perfectly in this description or are you the obnoxious fan? Now’s the time to let your voice be heard!

Ta Ta for now!




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