The World’s Best Christmas Movie EVER???


Plenty of you may not agree, but by far my favorite Christmas movie of ALL TIME is Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”. It’s

Bing and Rosemary--two of my FAVES!

definitely the VERY best when it comes to getting me in the spirit of the holidays! And why wouldn’t it be? You’ve got music, comedy, great acting, dancing, a love story, a tearjerker moment with The General, and so MUCH more!!!!

Now if you asked my husband what his favorite Christmas movie is he’d tell you “Home Alone”, “Home Alone 2”, and “Home Alone 3”. Yea I don’t get it either! Don’t get me wrong, I love the “Home Alone” movie series, but it doesn’t get me in the holiday spirit per se.

I’m sure there are also a few of you who love watching “A Christmas Story”, which is also another CLASSIC! My favorite scene is when the kid puts his tongue on the frozen light pole. HILARIOUS! Or when Ralphie comes down with his super cute pink bunny pajamas on! I can watch this movie probably over and over again and still laugh like the jokes are ones I haven’t heard.

One of the newer movies that I also enjoy is “Family Stone” with Diane Keaton and the guy from Coach! If you haven’t seen it you need to, and ladies get ready cause it’s one of those that you will cry your eyes out while watching, but it’s also really funny too!

So what is it about Christmas movies that makes everyone so fanatical? I mean really- I’ve seen tons of knick-knacks for sales based on  “A Christmas Story” (i.e. snowglobes, leg lamps,etc). And I’m guilty of it too, being that I am the proud owner of the Anniversary Edition of “White Christmas” on DVD, which cost a pretty penny. Luckily mom and dad bought that one for me!!!

What are you favorite movies and what gets you excited for the Christmas season? Is it the annual Snoopy special on ABC? Would love to hear from ya! Ta Ta for now—XOXO



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