Here we go again…..


So I haven’t been running much over the last month or so! Aside from the fact that Nashville has become Snowmageddon twice in that time, honestly I kind of needed a break. I’ve focused more on weights, bike and BODY PUMP (super addictive), so it’s not

Can't be having this!

like I’ve been a complete slowch. But now it’s time to get back in the swing of things. Adam and I are signed up for the Country Music Half and also have been thinking about doing the Chicago Half as well. Then there is the Nashville Women’s Half and the Murfreesboro Half too so that’ll be four races in one year if I accomplish all of them. One would think I’d be pumped and ready to go. Well guess what? I’m not! For whatever reason running right now doesn’t seem fun! I gotta get out of the funk so if anyone out there has suggestions or ideas I’d love to hear them, cause the first race will be here before you know it and I’m going for PR this year at each race. 🙂

Ta Ta for now! X’s and O’s




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  1. Hey Miss Jenn- I think I may have seen you out running as the sun was setting yesterday. I was headed out to walk Bumble and Bee. You were on Liberty Pike? Looked cold and I know it was, because we did our walk outdoors first then moved over to the Factory to do more walking. I am going to try a bit more again today, cause it looks like tomorrow will be out!

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