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Who ya wit?


For all my fellow Vandy fans (and even those of you who aren’t Vandy fans), you know as well as I do that it’s one of the more exciting times of the year as we inch closer and closer to MARCH MADNESS! College basketball takes the Center Stage during the months of February and March, when good teams are playing each other and every win (or loss) counts. This year has


proven to be no different, and I’m happy to say that my team is in the HUNT! SEC Men’s BBall is quite possibly one of my most favorite games to watch! Adam and I have been going to all the home Vandy games this season and have seen tons of interesting folks, most notably the Alabama fans that came in last week for the BIG game. And when I say Alabama fans and interesting in the same sentence, that should be enough for you to get an idea of the clientele. I have friends from Bama, so not all is bad, but good lord! I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

And speaking of all kinds-let’s go through a few of the names of players on SEC teams we’ve played thus far this season: DeFreakus Nelson, Reotnei Clarke (white kid), Kikko Haydar, Johndre Harrison. I mean really folks? Who names the people!

Ta Ta for now!




It’s Cookie Time….


….and by “cookie time” I mean Girl Scout cookie time! Yes-it’s a great time of year when the young girls (or their parents) bring out the order forms and start selling. Granted, I’ll be the first to admit they aren’t the best cookies I’ve ever eaten, but they are well worth the $3.50 a box. Nothing beats the thin mints, samoas, tag-alongs, trefoils, and other favorites, so I’m happy to support a great organization. Besides, I’m a product of the Girl Scout nation so if I don’t support them then who will?!?!?

Not you mother's Girl Scouts anymore...

Needless to say I was a little surprised when I got home this afternoon to see a new-wave of Girl Scout cookie sales techniques when I noticed a door knob holder at the front door. Signed by a girl named Victoria, the holder was selling me Girl Scout cookie delivery service, straight to my door. It even had the typical-“Sorry we missed you” title on it. What the heck? First of all, I hope the Girl Scout organization has not ¬†used their precious funds to buy this for all the Girl Scouts across Middle Tennessee, because frankly that’s ridiculous. Secondly, when did cookie selling become a “delivery to you door” service with a cell phone number included to call so that you get the box you want? What happened to person-to-person contact? Ir the cute munchkins at the grocery store?

Anyways, I’ve ordered my 7 boxes so I’m pretty sure we are 100% set at the Vazquez residence, and Victoria will have to hope that others in the neighborhood call her to order some boxes, or she might have to try a new technique next year!

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