Our own HG-TV!!!


For any of you folks out there who have done home renovations you can understand how quickly the dollars add up and how a difference of opinion on colors, layout, etc. can easily turn a fun house fixer-upper to a big ol’ head ache! Well luckily this hasn’t been my experience thus far! See my hubby is very much a man who refuses to hire a contractor to do something he thinks he

I LOVE rockin the hard hat! LOL

and his dad could do. I’m super grateful for this, cause I’m the exact opposite. See I grew up in a house where we weren’t hesitant to call a plumber on a holiday or to find someone to paint the ceiling. My dad is a computer nerd and electronics freak (did I mention Star Wars fan too), so he would rather figure out that kind of stuff on his own before calling the GEEK SQUAD to come save the day. I guess everyone has their strengths!

One thing I am having a hard time with in regards to our kitchen renovations is the amount of mess and clutter it causes. We have drop clothes, paint cans, paint rollers, wood flooring, and the like all over the second floor of our townhouse. Literally on Saturday (the 2nd day of renovations) we had to strategically place different appliances and furniture, so that we could make a path to get to the back door. And you’ve probably already guessed, Rocco (our 12 lb 6 ox shih-tzu), is very confused. He has started to take each individual toy out in the little amount of space we have on our floor. I’m not sure if this has to do with the renovations or if he’s just pissed off that we moved his food and water bowl. And guess who has to put them back up? Not Rocco!

Anyways, I know the renovations will look wonderful when all is said and done, but in the meantime I think I’m gonna go live on the 3rd floor. Let me hear from you!




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