SPRING is in the air….


The birds are chirping, the flowers are starting to bloom and the bunnies are out in droves, which can only mean one thing—–


Spring is here! One of my favorite times of the year (second to my birthday month of October of course)!

Spring also gets me super excited to start running and gear up for various races and half-marathons, as well as get on my bike and enjoy the fresh air. Oh and don’t forget the occasionally trip out on the Harpeth to canoe!

This also means it time to plan trips, like our annual trip to Destin and this year we are also planning a trip to Turks and Caicos in July. But probably what is most important, Spring is a time to plan outings to Arrington Vineyards. I’m sure many of you know about my obsession with AV from a previous post, but I can now say I really look forward to my time there. I’m even considering becoming a Wine Club member as long as the price is right!

So in order to fully appreciate and experience the full love I have for this wonderful place, I have an urgent plea to all you couples out there looking to tie the knot. Could you please please please have your wedding there? And also could you please please please invite me? Heck I’ll eve plan it for free!

Now while I’m a big fan of Spring, I’m an even bigger fan of going to a wedding at Arrington Vineyards so make sure to send your Save-The-Date my way!

Ta Ta for now!




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