Can We Bring Big Hair Back Please?


I have ridiculously kinky, thick hair that is frankly out of control! I would love to be able to put some product in every morning

Now this is BIG hair...

and have cute curls or heck even if I didn’t have to straighten it every morning and literally just popped out of bed with the perfect ‘do that would work too! But NOOOOOOOOO! My sister has the most beautiful hair- naturally blonde, straightens easily without much frizz and can curl without much maintenance at all! Needless to say I’m a little jealous—just a little!

It would just be nice to spend 5-10 minutes on my hair and it look decent. Is this too much to ask? I mean really I don’t think so!

Literally, I have days where I seriously think my hair is straight ‘80s, so can we please bring the 80’s back? I would totally be in style in this was the case! Ok done complaining! Let me hear about your hair woes!

Ta Ta for now!




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