What Was I Thinking?????


Is it weird that I dream about Sbuxs?

So it’s that time of year again, when Catholics and non-Catholics alike partake in Lent! As some of you may remember I gave up fried food last year and let’s just say it definitely opened my eyes to how much fried food I actually ate. This was especially true for someone like myself who is known to say “I don’t normally eat fried food”—yea right!

For instance restaurant tortilla chips, refried beans, donut holes, etc. are all fried foods that I would consume and for whatever reason not think they were fried! I know what you are thinking-what an idiot?!?!? But seriously I would have chips and salsa and not think twice until I gave up fried food for Lent last year. Well guess what? I did the unthinkable this year! Yup I gave up Starbuck’s! I know you are all probably feeling bad for Adam right now because I won’t have my coffee fix, but don’t worry I haven’t given up on all coffee (even though I’ve thought why not go big or go home), and I can always pop a few chocolate coffee beans if I have a caffeine craving!

So why you may ask did I chose Starbucks? Well as many of you know, or maybe you don’t, the point on the Lent holiday is to do without. Some people give up chocolate, some give up diet pop, or even Facebook. I wanted to give up something that I thought would be very difficult and I was right—it has been uber difficult to do thus far! I keep thinking about stopping to get a Starbucks, especially when it’s a rainy day or I need a quick pick me up to my morning! Unfortunately, this was the decision I made so now I’m living with it. I’m hoping the temptation will go away as the days progress, and that this will definitely help our bank account. I’ll keep you up to date as we get closer to Easter and hopefully it won’t be after a coffee-coma! Wish me luck and good luck to all those observing Lent with me!



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