Angry Birds or REVENGE?


So many of you love the game Angry Birds, which I just recently downloaded on our NEW IPad 2! Technically we bought Angry Birds: RIO HD is you want to get really specific. Either way it’s highly addictive! I mean when you have an App that has been downloaded more than the Bible App (King James version of course) you know you’ve got something pretty cool going on! My dad has been telling me about it for years, my BFF, Angela, is addicted to it, and even my 12 year-old mentee, Blair, has it on her ITouch and thinks it’s AWESOME, so I know I’m not the only fan!

This is one Angry Bird!

So why is this game so fun? I mean all your doing is sling shooting birds to cages so that other birds can escape. It’s not like it’s brain surgery or some really interactive game (though it is pretty cool in HD)! Well I have a theory (of course)! For anyone who grew up with wild birds in your house (aka my husband) it’s all about REVENGE for him. I remember when I first met Adam and he told me that his parents had a McCall, a Cockatoo, and three other exotic birds at their house. I thought immediately that he was lying (he also told me he was Eskimoan), and called his bluff. Low and behold, I walked into his house for the first time and there were birds right in front of me. Not only that but there were bird noises coming from upstairs.

Needless to say, Adam always complained about how annoying the birds were growing up, and now I get a sense that he is releasing some inner resentment and seeking revenge by letting the birds go while he is playing Angry Birds!  I could be completely off base with this but I’m almost 95% sure that my hubby loves Angry Birds, because he secretly wanted to let all the birds out into the wild blue yonder when he was growing up! I’m just sayin’!

Would love to hear from you—XOXO




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