The MADness Continues…


Thanks to Butler and VCU my 2011 March Madness NCAA Men’s Bball Bracket is officially busted. I mean really?!?!? Who would have though that these two teams would be in the Final Four! This just seems unreal!

#54 looks like he is about 12 years-old!

And I had a lot of the line with my brackets. I have one at work that gives the winner a mobile food experience of their choice. Now that’s not gonna happen obviously so it’ll just have to be a simple PB&J for Jenny-ugh! The bracket I have at home also isn’t gonna work my way wither. Winner of my hubby and I’s bracket is the GRAND PRIZE of who gets the next phone upgrade to an IPhone. And get this? He even picked Louisville and UNC to go the Finals—wtf?

Needless to say I’m picking Butler next year without a doubt, and definitely not going to pick Ohio State. Can we say Choke-hio State—geesh! I have family in Ohio and my dad is from Wickliffe, but sorry no can do on picking them next year—this is serious business with serious wagers on the line!

I guess that’s why they call is March MADness cause I was pissed when I realized my bracket was busted! Is it football season yet?





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