Festi-VEGAS Time in Tennessee!


Being a country girl, born and raised in the South, Spring means a few different things to me. There are the trips out to Arrington, the beautiful weather, planting new flowers and herbs, dog park visits, etc…. It also is a time for one of my favorite things—FESTIVALS! And let me just say we have some of the best festivals in TN.

What a combo!

For instance-have you ever heard of the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival—umm yum yum yum! What about the Hot Chicken Festival—another Nashville staple. Or the Ragin Cajun Crawfish Boil? Fun times! There is also the Cornbread Festival in West Tn and the Robs n’Wings Festival in Gatlingburg. One of the common factors amongst these festivals is one thing—FOOD! And I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE some good festival food (except that one time I got sick at the Italian Street Fair but that was years ago)!

So what are you favorite festival foods? Any crazy ones I should know about and put on my calendar?

Ta Ta for Now!





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  1. My favorite festival last year was Cub Run KY’s “Cub Run, KY Festival” haha. It was filled with awesome Amish baked goods right across from hot dogs and fried steaks, interlaced with four good ol’ country boys pickin’ and singin’ classic bluegrass. I think they had about 10 total teeth too which made the scene all the more epic! It’s also where I took a pic of a lifesized inflatable monster truck. How did that all relate? It didn’t and that was the beauty of the Cub Run, KY Festival!

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