So I just started doing P90X, which is a series of work-out DVD’s that specialize in specific areas of your body, or specific techniques. So I totally didn’t know what to expect, but thought hey I’ll try anything once (well almost anything). My co-worker let me borrow his set of DVD’s and I’ve gotten through two of them thus far! They are a hour each so don’t hate!

Let me just say—the guy who is like the “lead trainer” on there is a complete goober! Like 100% Chatty Kathy, that literally can

If this guy doesn't scream cheesy, then I don't know what does!

not go 10 seconds without uttering some sort of catch phrase of cheesy line. So dude is talking, and makes a point to say that one of the “underlings” training with him on the DVD has one leg. I take that back, he has two legs, one being a prosthesis. First of all if I was that guy, I would have punched him in the face because a) you can’t tell he has a prosthesis on and b) what the hell difference does it make? On top of that the leader trainer constantly keeps saying “ If he can do it with one leg than you don’t have any reason not to”. Dude I will cut you! Quit with the leg comments- good gracious!

So while I’m definitely feeling the burn with the P90X workout, I have decided to use the setting where I can mute little buddy out so that I don’t have to hear the one-liners and cheese ball phrases! SO THERE you greasy hair-gelled , tight-shirt wearing meat head!

Has anyone else out there used P90X and has gotten absolutely annoyed? I can’t be the only one!

Would love to hear from ya!


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