I’m Addicted…..To My IPad 2!


So this is the first time since we made our BIG IPad 2 purchase that I have spent more than 45 minutes on my MacBook laptop. Considering how much I love my laptop, this is a pretty big deal! My hubby will even jokingly refer to the MacBook now as a paperweight cause it literally just sits on the coffee table for days without being touched! I mean who knew?!?! I never in a million years would have thought I would be so IN LOVE with something like an IPad. I mean I can read books, browse the internet, download fun apps, listen to Itunes, watch movies, FaceTime chat with my dad, etc. all on my IPad2!

Rocco's dog costume for the next Halloween shin-dig!

I’m not a techie by any means, but the iPad makes things so easy! One of the coolest accessories is the smart cover! OMG- why didn’t I think of this thinga-maboper that literally turns off your IPad once you put it on. How fun is that?!?!? I’d be RICH!

So Mr. Jobs if you are reading this (which I’m guessing you frequent this blog quite a bit), kudos on a job well done with the IPad2!

Would love to hear from all the other IPad lovers. Any cool apps I should check out?

X’s and O’s


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  1. I can’t put mine down, I’ve had it about a month now. Upgraded from a 4G retina display iPod touch & will NEVER go back to that awful screen size.
    Good games:
    Broken sword 1 & 2 (must buy)
    Real racing 2 hd
    Modern combat 2 hd
    Aralon hd
    Monkey island 1 & 2
    Tiger woods 12
    FIFA 11

    Some fun physics games –
    Bunny shooter
    Angry birds
    Cat physics
    World of goo hd (really original fun game)

    Suppose it all depends on what genre of game you’re into lol 🙂

  2. I’ve got the bug as well, my ipad never leaves my side, in terms of value for money vs how much I use it its been the best investment techwise that I’ve ever made , I’m just trying to decide if its a good or bad thing.

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