The Terminator Did What?


I’m sure many of you know about Arnold (say it with the accent) Schwarzenegger and the recent tabloid sensation of his extramarital escapades. And for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about must be living under a rock!

Anyways as the story has unfolded the last couple of weeks, my reactions have been mixed. First and foremost, he is definitely a DOG for cheating on his wife. This is true without a doubt. But the minute I saw the picture of the alleged mistress I was completely taken back and let out a BIG what the hell!!??? I’m not trying to be mean, but really Arnold? Really?!?!? Mildred is not exactly a beauty by any stretch of the imagination, and either is Arnold at that. And I’m not talking about recent pictures either-there are plenty of older photos over the past few years that aren’t much better. Chick has definitely not aged gracefully!

'Nuff said!

The biggest kicker with me is that she was pregnant the exact same time his wife was with their youngest child. Not only that but the two children are a month apart in age. What an IDIOT! And to top it off he didn’t come out to Maria about it until he was out of political office. If that’s not selfish then I don’t know what is!

Is he really that dumb? Did he really think he’d get by with this? I mean he ran the state of California for crying out loud. I know he can’t be that stupid, but obviously common sense isn’t his forte! Arnold also just betrayed one of the most powerful families in the U.S.! The Kennedy-Shriver clan is not one to mess with. I’m pretty sure Maria will get a large settlement and Arnold’s (say it with the accent) days will slowly start to fade, especially if his movies flop in the upcoming years (not that they were that great in past). All I’ve got to say is I have a strange sense that a new reality TV show will become of this. Maybe something along the lines of  “I’m a Moron-Now What?”

Would love to hear your feedback! Ta Ta for now 🙂



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