MOB Bosses!


Right now I’m reading a book called “Five Families”, which is about the history of the mafia and mobsters in the U.S. and is so unbelievably interesting! Seriously, this book is such an eye-opener and very “in your face” when it comes to the reality that is and was the mob.

The ladies of Mob Wives and their furs!

That being said, I’ve also discovered a new reality show on VH1 called “Mob Wives”! For those of you who have seen it, you understand how crazy these women are on the show, and how messed up their lives are. If you haven’t seen it then you probably are making a wise choice cause it is highly addictive. An episode does not go by when one of the four ladies highlighted aren’t fighting with each other, saying things like “your father’s uncle” and “my ex-husband’s brother” in thick New Jersey accents. What’s also really interesting is the way they live. They aren’t in huge ginormous houses with big, expensive cars, like other reality divas. And they aren’t spending thousands in at the spa or in the jewelry store. They are busy throwing down F-Bombs every other word@

As I’m reading this book, I’ve noticed a lot of the names mentioned match up with these ladies on the show so I’m pretty sure this is meant to be for me. I’m suppose to be reading about the mob, and watching “Mob Wives” right?!?!? I think so too!

Got any other good mob books I should read. “Five Families” is 1200 pages and I’m not even half way through, but would love a follow up if you have suggestions.



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  1. Hahaha! This show is hilarious. I think Caroline from the New Jersey Housewives should be on Mob Wives. They also need sub-titles because I can’t understand half of what they are saying. The only words I am sure of are the ones they are bleeping out!

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